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The Bird and the Bee

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The Bird and the Bee are an indie, electro, pop duo hailing from good old El Ay. (L.A.)
Since 2006 the duo has produced many a sweet, jazz, pop, electro, quiet, ambient song.
The two, (according to their myspace page), met accordingly;
"Greg and Inara met a few years ago. Discovered a common love of jazz standards... nerded out for a couple of hours playing every song they knew... and then wrote and recorded a record together."
Greg Kurstin, who has worked with the likes of :Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, The Flaming Lips, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, provides the sounds, while Inara George provides the sweet, Lily Allen-esque voice.
The two have gone on a couple tours, and have been featured in movies like Sex And The City, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. They have grown in popularity from the small amount of exposure, as well as the release of their newest album Ray Guns Are Not Just For The Future.
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Personally, this band is a bit of a breath of fresh air. A simple yet catchy medley of electronic beats, and soft ambient vocals. Which I found similar to that of bands like Asobi Seksu.( Fans of Asobi Seksu very well may love The Bird and the Bee.) Their music is the kind of music, which I would easily file under the, “ Easy Listening/Listen to on a rainy day “ category.
Their music videos, on the other hand, margin on the bit of the surreal side. Not to say they are superbly weird, merely strange. The video for The Polite Dance Song focuses on a group of senior citizens dancing, with the band playing, whilst looking stoic and semi-dead. Love Letter To Japan is simply the story of a Japanese boy's desire to be good at DDR. Go Figure.
Fans of:
- Metric
- Lily Allen
- Asobi Seksu
- Sia
Would probably take some interest or like The Bird and the Bee.

Song: F-cking Boyfriend

You should totally check out their songs:
- The Polite Dance Song
- F-cking Boyfriend
- Love Letter To Japan

The Bird And The Bee

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