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Music To Discover: 4

Les Corps Mince De Francoise
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French name for a French band right?
French name for a Finnish band.

Les Corps Mince De Francoise, (or as many like to shorten it, LCMDF), are a Finnish tropical, dancey, pop, synthy trio. The three have become rather well known thanks to the likes of the internet. The three formed in 2007 and began playing smaller shows in their hometown of Helsinki. ( The three members are sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen and Malin Nyqvist.) LCMDF's highly stylized and highly energetic shows made them rather popular on the Finnish front. After gaining quite the amount of internet fame, they finally were skyrocketed to the tops of Hype Machine, even besting Kanye West. This ride to the top was thanks to their funky electropop music being picked up and featured on several blogs. The three are currently contributing with Norwegian, German, Finnish, and Irish producers and artists to release their debut album.

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I first discovered LCMDF from Perez Hilton. I stumbled upon one of their songs, and didn't think much of it at first. Later in the day, I found that I had the song stuck in my head. I finally became very interested after listening to a couple of their songs during a bought of insomnia the next night. ( I listened to "Cool And Bored" about a MILLION times, as well as " Oh My God" by Ida Maria, but she is another post.) LCMDF are pretty damn catchy, what with funky beats and sometimes humorous lyrics.
Some of the lyrics:
"When I see this boy I go blah to the blah blah ' I'm so smart, an "intellectual"' blah blah"
"Hey boy what's up with your shoes let me guess did your mama choose"
"Ha Ha I don't wear a bra-a shut your mouth ha ha ha"

Some funny stuff.

This is a band that, I am not sure, they just sound stylish, or cool. They are also very modern, and unique in their style of music. ( It is VERY difficult to pin genres to this band.). They also make weird videos, for those who like to watch music videos.

All in all this band is, a little crazy, wicked creative, "stylish" (or something), and catchy catchy catchy.

My biggest complaint is that it is, once again, hard to find this band's music in the states.(Itunes has NOTHING in this case). So go to their myspace, or elsewhere to listen to their music, and hope Itunes brings them here.

If you like:
-Pets On Prozac
-Crystal Fighters
-Les Gilletes

You will probably like Les Corps Mince De Francoise.

Check out their songs:
-Cool And Bored
-Bitch Of the Bitches
-Ray Ban Glasses

Cool And Bored

Alright, after one comment. ( You know who you are )

I will break.
That was fast... -.-

Here is my hair.

Everyone satisfied?

Till next time.

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