Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music To Discover: 5


One of the coolest New Wave/Indie Rock bands to jump on the scene in a long time.

Metric originally formed in 1998 in New York City. So yes, they have been around for a while now. Though currently they
are currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, L.A and New York City. Collectively the band, and the band's albums
have been nominated for and won the awards:

-Polaris Music Prize for the Best Album Of The Year (twice)
-Juno award for the Best Alternative Album

In other words, they are highly praised and enjoyed in Canada.(As both the awards are Canadian.)

Metric is signed to the label, Last Gang Records. With fellow artists as MSTRKRFT, Crystal Castles, Chromeo, Boyz
Noise, and Death From Above 1979. Semi-humorously the band's first album (that they had wrote) was the third album
they released.
(information from

This is probably the band that I know least about, in terms of what I have written about them.
Honestly though, they have a very interesting sound. With a nice blend of soft electro inspired beats (similar to that of
The Bird and The Bee), fragile vocals, and a new wave/indie rock feel. Really, like LCMDF, it is hard to pin just one
style or genre of music to them. I also really like the fact that they are a band that enjoy to use a Theremin in their

Metric is a very mellow band, but with unfathomable yet subtle emotions thrown into the lyrics and voice.

I totally recommend Metric if you are fond of:
- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
- The Bird and The Bee
- The Faint
- Little Boots

I also recommend you check out their songs.
- Police and the Private
- Help I'm Alive
- Gimme Sympathy
- Poster of A Girl

Help I'm Alive


So I have been at Art Camp for Graphic Design for the past couple days. So I have been preoccupied with that.
I am tempted to post my final project here. I may, but we will see.

I also saw Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince at its midnight showing.
I thought it was good, but i was disappointed, honestly. The sixth in the series was probably my favorite and the movie cut a lot of content out. That bothered me. I also didn't like how much it up-played the whole romance thing between Ron and Hermione, and Harry and Ginny.

Whatever though, it was a good movie. I recommend seeing it.

I am off.
Fact: going to a camp where you design things on computers all day makes you not like your computer all that much.


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