Monday, July 20, 2009

Music to Discover: 6

Crystal Fighters
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Is it just me or do most of the bands that have the word "crystal" in them, turn out to be awesome.

Quite possible the Spanish/English answer to Crystal Castles. Though with more dance inspired beat, and less violent in their musical style. (They aren't as as experimental/bit-crushed as Crystal Castles.)

Crystal Fighters are a very high energy, five piece. This band margins between epic dance music and traditional Spanish Basque music. Sounds weird I know, but they blend them oh so well. What with the traditional sounding melodies, with the fast dance driven beats.

Crystal Fighters are unique in their sound, simply put. How many bands can you name that use anything from the genre of Basque music?

This band is also fun to listen to. As well as been rather infectious (I had the song "I Love London" in my head for two days.) In a few of their songs, there is a kind of mixing where syllables are cut out of words. While listening to these songs I couldn't help but be reminded by Crystal Castles, and The Presets.

Crystal Fighters have also become known for their live shows. Always intense, crazy, and always offering new content. They have also been known to "create carnage" (Loud & Quiet) at their live shows, sound intense?, yes indeed.

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From the band themselves.
"From somewhere high above the old hills of our home,
The love will come to conquer."

I recommend Crystal Fighters if you like the bands
-Crystal Castles
-The Presets
-Major Lazer
-Chew Lips

I recommend you check out their songs
-Xtatic Truth
-I Love London
-Black Magic (Crystal Fighters remix)
-Dance Like A White Boy (Crystal Fighters remix)

Xtatic Truth

Once again their music is hard to find in the states, with only one e.p. released. This is probably due to the fact that they are signed to Kitsune, which makes awesome music but doesn't make a whole lot of releases in the states. Despite this, Crystal Fighters has become a new favorite of mine for 2009.
Crystal Fighters

Au revoir.

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