Friday, July 24, 2009

Music to discover: 7

The Golden Filter

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"Follow The Golden Fox"

A wispy mix of danceable beats and rhythms, paralleled by ghostly vocals.

The duo is made up of Penelope who grew up in Australia, and does vocals. While Stephen, the disco and analogue synth programmer, is from Ohio. Despite being from very different places the two consider New York City to be the "base" for the band.

The pair have performed at SXSW, and have toured the United States with The Presets in March and April of 2009.

The Golden Filter lists the likes of Donna Summer, Pink Floyd, The Human League, The Cure, and Saint Etienne as their biggest musical influences.

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In case you haven't noticed, I like electro/electropop/dance music. This is another example of that. The Golden Filter,
as I said earlier, are danceable in their beats, but haunting in their vocals. I am not really surprised that they toured with The Presets (one of my favorite bands) as they have a strange similarity between them. This similarity, I cannot put my finger exactly on, but it is there.

I first heard of The Golden Filter through a minimix of the artists on the record label, Kitsune (they are signed to them). Kitsune is also the label for bands like Crystal Fighters, La Roux, Phoenix, and Two Door Cinema Club. (Though I find it funny, because weeks before, I had bought a The Presets poster one from the Portland show, and it shows the supporting band The Golden Filter, but I didn't know anything of them at the time.) ANYWAY.

The first song I had heard by The Golden Filter was Favourite Things (on the minimix). You may be thinking, "The Sound Of Music 'Favourite Things?'"' No, not really. Yes it is still a testament to things that are enjoyed, but without the dogs biting, bees stinging, and feeling sad parts. I could not exactly say why I liked the song, I just did. I would also find that it would bore its way into my brain. With me repeating
"New York, Sydney, Paris, London"
Multiple times in my head.

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The Golden Filter is kind of weird yes, but in a good way. They remind me somewhat of Goldfrapp. (Good thing, in my opinion).

All in all The Golden Filter are an acquired taste. Once you start to liking them though, you really do.

If you like:
- Goldfrapp
- The Presets
- Little Boots
- Empire Of The Sun
- Thunderheist
You will most likely like the Golden Filter.

Check out their songs:
- Favourite Things
- Solid Gold
- Hide Me

Solid Gold

Here is there myspace,
As they only have one song on iTunes, Favourite Things.

The Golden Filter

Other things.

I had the opportunity to show in a real fashion show on August first.
Though due to multiple circumstances, I have chosen not to. Yes it is something I would have LIKED to do, although the clothing I wanted to make... I am not experienced in making. So I would have to make at least 2 outfits, in a weeks notice. Then consult with models, fit them, fix the clothes, fit them again, and show. (Also did I forget to mention that runway practice is on MONDAY.)
So it is really a lot more trouble than I find it worth and that I think I can tackle in a short amount of time.
I also don't want the people who said they would model for me (but were busy), and come up to read this and feel they messed it up for me. NOT AT ALL. I am grateful you guys even offered, :D, I am not, not doing it because of you guys.
If I had heard about this whole thing way earlier, it would be way easier.
And there is always next year, :D.

So for today, I think I will paint maybe, and then watch a movie or read.



  1. Have you by chance heard of the Midnight Juggernauts? They seem sorta up your alley...

    Also. I'm horrible at commiserating, so just pretend that I did, kay?

  2. No I haven't heard of them, but I'll be sure to check them out!

    And dont worry about it, haha I will just pretend.


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