Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music To Discover:8

New Young Pony Club

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"Don't speak cause your mind is amazing."

New Young Pony Club started as two friends, in the U.K., who found they had a common love of punk rock and dance music. The duo became a five piece and the band officially formed in 2005.
Tahita Bulmer, the lead singer, wanted to name the band "Pony club" coining it as, " kinky and quirky and fun." Though a already existing Irish band had taken the name. They then adopted "New Young Pony Club", making them a ,"Newer, younger, kinkier, Pony Club".

It could be said that NYPC ( New Young Pony Club) have been most popular in Australia , the home of their label, Modular (even though they are British). They also claim they never really wanted to be the " biggest band in the world".

New Young Pony Club have toured with CSS, Lily Allen, Klaxons, and The Sunshine Underground. They are reportedly working on a new album.

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I first heard of New Young Pony Club way, way, way back when they were featured on a Intel ad. Since then though, they have been played in a multitude of advertisements, from cars to cell phones.

When I first heard the song, I was addicted to it. The song being, Ice Cream, with the seductive lyrics, catchy bassline, and all around groove, it was just awesome.

New Young Pony Club is a very dance-punk, funk, new rave, type band. Sounds like a bit of a strange mix, though it is progressively less strange than it sounds. This group has a very danceable feel to them, and are very infectious in that.

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For the longest time, the only song I had heard by them was Ice Cream. Though later on, a friend of mine had posted the song The Bomb on their myspace. I once again, was hooked. This song was a little more confusing than the first. Just in the fact that the lyrics are a little more cryptic. Though still, they are intelligent.

Fortunately, they are very available in the United States, unlike many of the other artists I have featured. :D

Straight down to it, New Young Pony Club are exactly what they say they are. Fun, new, young, and yes a bit kinky. They are a nice band to listen to if you just sort of want to relax, though simultaneously they are fun to blast, and just go a little crazy to.

Fans of
-The Gossip
-Van She
Should give NYPC a listen.

Check out their songs.
-Ice Cream
-The Bomb

The Bomb

New Young Pony Club

Today for me was a bit of a nineties revival.

As in... I decided to youtube all of my favorite musicians/songs from when I was little.

Ahh the memories.

This was all started by because on one of my playlists, it began playing The Cardigans, Lovefool. I'm addicted to that song now.


Also I got a new drawing pad, yay! Now I can start sketching again. I had to stop because I couldn't color in sketches on regular paper because the markers I use for coloring, copic markers (LOVE THEM), bleed through thin paper. So I have to use these super heavy duty manga drawing pads.

That is all for today.


wait... how could I forget...

Remix Of The Day

Shystie-Nu Style (Deekline and Ed Solo mix)

This is a very, very, long remix. And I know nothing about Deekline and Ed Solo, so I am at a loss there. Shystie though is a British rapper, who like the one she is compared to most, Lady Sovereign. Just *sounds* hard in her music. Like you don't want to mess with Shystie, haha. Despite the fact that it is a very lengthy remix, clocking in at just above seven minutes, it is fun, peppy, and enjoyable.

Now THAT is really all for today.


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