Thursday, July 9, 2009


Thinking Out Loud

Kind of... not really. Hey, I just needed a title.

So as my lack of posting yesterday, it is kind of obvious I didn't get my hair cut. Basically I woke up yesterday at 6:30, thought, "I should wake up cause I dont want to wake up like ten minutes before my appointment." So I woke up. 11:30 or so rolls around, get a call from the hairstylist who got sick, and rescheduled till Thursday. Alas, I am getting it cut tomorrow, and will THEN post pictures of the results.

For anyone who wants to know, I want something, KIND OF like this.


picture from photobucket

Moving on.

I went to Bookmans today. For those of you who might not live in Tucson, or Phoenix, or wherever Bookmans is. Bookmans is kind of what is sounds like. A book store, that sells cds, books, video games, dvds, junk er... treasurable items. All of which have been brought in by people from the community.

I was looking for one book in particular.

Beautiful People by Simon Doonan.

I got the sudden interest in this book from watching the tv show on LOGO.


image from photobucket

The show is about Simon Doonan, who retells stories from when he was a teenager in Reading, England. Sounds

mundane, stupid,a-typical, whatever. It is HILARIOUS. No joke, one of my new favorite tv shows.

A couple funny parts are...

- Simon tells a hairdresser to drop dead with a snap, a few days later, she dies. His mother makes him makes him face

his fear of death by taking him to the salon she owned. At said salon, her coffin, and her body are on display in the

center. Upon entering Simon says, " What are we doing here?! I thought you said we were going shopping for


-His best friend, Kylie, is also quite the character. He loves the late Diana Princess of Wales, ( who dies in one episode

as it is 1997.) The two get convinced that the hearse with her coffin in it is going through one part of reading on its way

to another city. Simon grabs a flower pot, so he can give it to the deceased. While the two are waiting they are pleased when they see a black car turning the corner. They are convinced it is Diana (it is not) and Simon says, " I love you Diana!" as he throws the flower, pot and all, onto the windshield of the car. The car swerves and crashes and the driver steps out and begins with " You vandalizing!..." as Kylie and Simon run away.

Those are just a couple parts of only two episodes. The show is really quite hilarious, I highly recommend it.

So THAT is why I want the book.

I went to Bookmans, on my bike. My only mode of transportation, and probably the only form I will be in possession of for a while. As cars, there are lots of issues behind driving one of those.

This is my bike.

image from photobucket

A bit hipster, I know. *COUGHTRACKBIKECOUGH*. REGARDLESS I love my bike. :]

It was about a ten minute trip.

I didn't find the book, will have to buy it elsewhere.

But, I found the single version of Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I am liking the Nick Zinner remix.

Will post pictures tomorrow!

That is all for now.



Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat anyone? (image from photobucket)

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