Friday, August 14, 2009

Ahh the minutia...

Yesterday I went to a concert.

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This concert's lineup was, The Friday Night Boys, The Audition, DJ Skeet Skeet, and Cobra Starship.

Now ORIGINALLY, there was supposed to be the French band Plastiscines on this tour. Though they cancelled last minute and were filled in by the Audition. Plastiscines were my original drive to go, because I have seen Cobra Starship before, but I went anyway. I went because I knew Cobra Starship is really good live, and I wanted to see some people I haven't seen in awhile.

The concert was pretty good. I missed the Friday Night Boys, though that was mainly cause of time. Online, the concert said it started at 8. Though I could assume that it started more at six- thirty because when I got there Friday Night Boys, and Skeet Skeet had already played.

Though I did see the Audition play, I am not a big fan, but they were good live. And I really liked some of the mixing DJ Skeet Skeet played, (he played twice that night, thirty minutes each.) Though Cobra Starship really stole the show.

They are always really good live. I saw them the first time 2 years ago, and it was my first concert. It was a very good first concert. Cobra Starship has just so much energy and charisma on stage, they just make being there fun.

Remix Of The Day
Bumblebeez-Dr.Love (Crookers Remix)

You may recall from the first time I posted a "Remix Of The Day", I said Crookers was one of the "trinity" of djs (or dj duos in this case) to me. ( I.E one of the three djs, even though Crookers is a duo, that make all their music good.)Everything Crookers seems to remix is gold. I Highly, highly, highly suggest you look at Crooker's other work. The Bumblebeez are a hip-hop/electro/rock band from down under. And make some pretty catchy tunes themselves, though to be honest I prefer most of their remixed work. That is not to say though that their original work falters.

I am sort of at a blank for blogging again, sorry everyone.
Been kind of preoccupied lately, i.e. stewing over the fact that school starts on Monday.
So I hope Saturday's post will be an improvement.

Until then, Ciao!

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  1. Bleargh. I was totally gonna go for the Plastiscines, but then I couldn't... which I guess is just as well because they didn't play?

    Still though... That's kinda sad.

    You might have noticed that this post was completely useless. Hehe.


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