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Music To Discover: 10

Little Boots

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So re-naming yourself after a man who went to war with the ocean doesn't mean you are inherently crazy.

Now chances are you may have already heard of Little Boots. Though for those of you who aren't familiar with her, ready your learning utensils.

Victoria Christina Hesketh is a English electro-pop musician. She goes by the stage name, "Little Boots", and plays the piano, keyboard, stylophone, and the Japanese instrument, the Tenori-on. Her music career started when she was sixteen, and was on the television show, pop idol. After being eliminated she went on tour with a jazz trio in Europe, returned to college, and then returned to music with her friends and formed Dead Disco. She then took on the stage name, "Little boots" (from Caligula as Caligula in latin is "little boots") after Dead Disco's falling apart. She began writing her own songs and posting covers of other songs to social networking sites. From there she has garnered a hefty amount of attention worldwide, and become rather popular in the U.K. She has also received quite a lot of critical acclaim.

She has been tied to several female, 20 year old, breakthrough artists such as Lady Gaga, La Roux, Ladyhawke and Florence and the Machine.

She cites Britney Spears, The Human League, Miley Cyrus, Pink Floyd and Captain Beefheart as influences.

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Like I said at first, chances are you have probably heard of Little Boots already. She has received a lot of attention from blogs, and music websites as a " act to watch". Though if you are like me, you probably haven't listened to her a whole lot.

Little Boots, sadly, is another Perez Hilton find for me. Just like Le Corps Mince De Francoise. I first heard her song "Stuck On Repeat" and really liked it. It was a nice mix of some Eurythmics-like vocals, and some Frankmusik-esque beats. Sounds weird, I know. Though trust me, it works out fine. Little Boots is very similar to La Roux, in my opinion. Aside from the fact that they are both British. Both also have a very fragile sounding voice, and catchy 80s-reminiscent electro beats.

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After hearing "Stuck On Repeat", Little Boots sort of fell of the radar for me. It wasn't until Pandora (my go to source for music discovery), played some more of her songs for me, that I really started to like her music.

I was especially struck by her cover of Love Kills by Freddie Mercury. Which, unlike the Miley Cyrus/Cyndi Lauper tragedy, actually works. Though it is no where near as powerful as Freddie's version, it is still a nice remake.

Little Boots is very... modern in my opinion. It is hard to explain why. One reason probably being that she uses the Tenori-on instrument. Which is a electronic instrument. The instrument has a grid, where the person presses the buttons on the grid. The instrument then registers these button inputs as sound, and plays them over on a loop. If I failed at explaining that, i'm sorry.

Though,here is the Tenori-on in action.

Little Boots is fun, smart, and modern. And makes for a very good adult-pop listen. All in all, I still think she is a act to look out for. Whether from hindsight, or looking to the future.

Fans of
-The Noisettes
-Pet Shop Boys
should give Little Boots a listen.

Check out her songs.
-Love Kills
-Stuck On Repeat
-New In Town


Little Boots

Remix Of The Day
Nancy Sinatra and Audio Bullys- Shot You Down.

I am just gonna come right out and say it. So You Think You Can Dance, has a lot of music it has given to me. This is one of those gems. I first heard this song, a while back in some voguing, dance video. Though I was not aware of what it was at the time. It wasn't until the sytycd (So You Think You Can Dance) finale, where I finally learned what it was. The winner of sytycd Australia performed to it, and I was like "HOLY CRAP, that song is awesome." Personally, I really like it when artists/djs revamp old songs. This old, lovely sounding, Nancy Sinatra song, combined with club-banging beats. Ahhh it is perfection. This is one of my favorite songs at the moment. And I do not have a lot to say about Audio Bullys. Although I will say if this is what their other music sounds like, I highly suggest you looking up their other stuff.

I also saw the movie, Lars and The Real Girl.
Wow, spectacular movie. Lots of heartfelt emotion, relatable, witty, smart, just generally great. I recommend it to everyone.

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Regarding So You Think You Can Dance.
I am very, very, very, happy that Jeanine won. Like my last post said, I would have been angry if she or Brandon didn't win. Although I still wanted Brandon to win, I was not disappointed.

I will say I was AMAZED that Evan made top three. Don't get me wrong. I think Evan is a good dancer, I just feel that Kayla (fourth place) was a way better dancer than he is.

Whatever, it was America's choice.
Fortunately they got it right, unlike Americas Best Dance Crew.
*cough Fanny Pak cough*
*cough Kaba Modern cough*
*cough Beat Freaks cough*

Excuse that, terrible allergies this time of year.

Au revoir!

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