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Music To Discover: 9

Cut Copy

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So... to be honest. I am a bit of an Australophile.

This is another dancepunk/synthpop/electro trio from Melbourne Australia. I have got to say, the Australians have definitely got a way for making catchy, nice music of this genre. Cut Copy takes influence from the genres of 80s new wave, synthpop, and post-punk. Cut Copy is signed to Modular records with the likes of Wolfmother, The Presets, and New Young Pony Club.

Cut Copy began as one person,Dan Whitford, a dj and graphic designer released a solo ep. He then recruited two other
members. This all occurred in 2001, although the band released their first LP in 2004. Shortly after the release of their first album, Bright Like Neon Love, one of the members left, and was replaced. Since then Cut Copy has toured with Franz Ferdinand, Daft Punk, Junior Senior, Bloc Party, and Mylo. Cut Copy released their second album, In Ghost Colours in 2008.

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For the longest time Cut Copy was one of those bands that I ALWAYS got recommended on iTunes. I would only listen to the 30 second samples iTunes supplies. Most of the time, these samples would not do the song justice. I wasn't interested. It wasn't until a trip to Urban Outfitters where I heard my first full song by the band. This song was Lights and Colours. Once home, I googled the lyrics and found them out to be Cut Copy.

That was when I first started liking them.

From then though, I have discovered most of Cut Copy's music through Pandora. My major playlists, of La Roux,New Young Pony Club,Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Presets, and Crystal Castles ALL seem to recommend Cut Copy.

Cut Copy's sometimes haunting vocals with catchy electro-funk beats always make for a good listen. The vocals always have a almost monotone sound to them, as well as an eerie emotion.None of this is bad though. Like their peers, Van She and The Presets. They are very very very good at making catchy sounding electro music.

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Along with their original sound. They sound very vintage. Very much in the same sense that Voxtrot sounds vintage. The time frame the reminisce from is a strange combination of the 50s (ish) and the 80s. With the similar vocals as the (very retro sounding, in my opinion) band Voxtrot, to the New Wave use of electronics as the 80s. Now, Cut Copy doesn't ALWAYS sound vintage, just a good majority of their music does.

Cut Copy, are a very upbeat band, for the most part. They seem to make anything sound like it is better than it is, in monotone. Something which sounds difficult to do. Though this kind of optimism in music is hard to find in anything that isn't off the top 40. (And even then...)

Fans of
-The Presets

-Crystal Castles
Should give Cut Copy a listen.

Check out their songs.
-Hearts On Fire
-Lights and Music
-Time Stands Still
-Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)

Time Stands Still

Cut Copy

In general, I don't have much to update on.
I get my schedule for school tomorrow, I'm a little scared. Although I am pretty sure I already know what my schedule consists of. Oh well...

Oh also, once school starts. My blog posts will probably be fewer and far between. I am not saying I am going to stop at all. Just I will be really busy and may have trouble keeping updates going every 2 or 3 days.

Till next time!

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