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Gossip is a bit more well known than some of the other bands I have mentioned. Nonetheless Gossip is still a relatively indie band, and deserves a good share of attention.

Gossip is a Indie-Rock/Garage-Rock/Dance-Punk band, fronted by the badass, if you will, frontwoman Beth Ditto. The band formed in 1999 with Beth Ditto, Brace Paine, and Kathy Mendonca. In 1999 the band released their eponymous first e.p.. Since the band has been formed frontwoman Beth Ditto has been open about a variety of things: her sexuality, her weight, and her opinions on other musicians (even bashing Katy Perry). After the release of their first e.p. they went on to release their first two albums, and the drummer, Kathy Medonca left and was replaced by Hannah Billie. After Hannah joined the Gossip released they first mainstream successful album, Standing In The Way Of Control. Since the success of Standing In the Way Of Control's release, The Gossip has gained popularity in the U.K and released their newest album Music For Men. The Gossip is now based in Portland Oregon.

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 Gossip is one of those bands that I first heard about a while back, but never paid them much attention. It wasn't until I had heard some of their newer work that I really began to like them.

Beth Ditto, to me, is a bit of a badass. In the sense that she just doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. She does what she wants, and says what she likes. Without giving a care about what others may think of her in the consequences of what she says/does. To a degree I find that to be a bit of a reason to respect her.

The funny thing to me is that Beth Ditto's intensity REALLY carries into her music. There are times in songs where she is a little quiet, and then at a seconds notice her voice just explodes in the song. Thus creating a intense energy in the song, and making it just... yeah. It is hard to put into words, you just sort of have to hear it.

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Along with the explosive voice, the music tends to go from a dance-punk prerogative, to a more garage-rock feel. Which in my opinion is not THAT much of a takeoff between the two, but it sounds a bit... off.

 Gossip is a bit of a duality between two worlds. A bit happier, peppier Dance-Punk world, with a more hardcore/intense Garage rock one. All the while keeping the "I don't care" personality and the catchy music, alive and well.

If you like
-Le Tigre
-PJ Harvey
-The Blood Brothers
-Amy Winehouse
then give  Gossip a listen.

Check out their songs.
-Love Long Distance
-Heavy Cross
-Pop Goes The World
-Standing In The Way Of Control

Heavy Cross


Remix Of The Day
The Presets- This Boy's In Love (LifeLike remix)

You should probably already know that LifeLike is one of the members of the "Trinity of djs" as I like to call them. The Presets are also one of my favorite bands ever. Tied for first with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This song is also one of my favorites, and my most listened to song on iTunes by a long shot. The remix though, was one I didn't really like at first. Though then I found myself looking it up on youtube, and listening to it a LOT. So if you like LifeLike, The Presets, or a good remix in general, give this mix a listen.

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