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Music To Discover:13

It has been a while since I have posted...
Explanation later.


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A band that was, m ore orless, made famous in the U.S through a Geico commercial is actually really good? Wow.

Röyksopp is a electronic, house, trip-hop, euro-dance duo from Tromsø, Norway. The band is made up of Svein Berge and Trobjørn Brundtland, who met when they were in school together in Tromsø. The band officially formed in 1998 and released their first album in 2001. Because of their artistic and graphically experimental, and release of 5 singles in the U.K, Röyksopp has garnered a good name, and fame in Europe. While in the U.S Röyksopp still remains relatively unknown, only known as " the band who had that song (Remind Me) in the Geico caveman commercials for a while." One of their songs also became the opening song for Mac OSX-Panther, playing the song Epie every time a new Mac was booted up. Röyksopp have released three albums, and done several tours, and collaborated with artists like Robyn.

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Sadly, like most people, I first heard of Röyksopp from the Geico caveman commercial. I would see the commercial, but I wanted to know the song more. (Because its not like I could buy insurance at that point or anything.) Anyway, I really liked the song, used the infinite powers of the internet and learned about this new band named, Röyksopp.

At the time when the Geico commercial was released though, Röyksopp, had already won over Europe, for the most part. So that commecial was their gateway into the U.S.

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Röyksopp's music is hard to explain. Now I know I say that a lot, so I will legitimately try to explain their music. Röyksopp does a lot of ambient, cool, electro music. Most of which leans more on the mellow, relaxing side of the spectrum. Most of the music that Röyksopp makes just sounds, call me crazy, smart. The electronic sounds combined with the misty, soft, relaxed vocals just make things sound intelligent, or purposeful.

Röyksopp is a very different band in comparison to the American-electro norm. They are ambient, smart, relaxing, while the norm is based on making "club bangers" which end up becoming house club hits in Baltimore.

If you like...
-Depeche Mode
-The Chemical Brothers
-The Crystal Method
-Air France
then give Röyksopp a listen.

Check out their songs.
-Remind Me
-The Girl and The Robot ft Robyn
-What Else Is There?

Röyksopp ft Robyn- The Girl and The Robot.


Other things.

So I was right, because of school it has become a more time consuming, and because of a lack of time, to post
more frequent blogs. So I will try, really. But it will mean 1 of 2 things. Either I will end up doing more small posts, or
doing fewer, bigger posts. So I will see. At this point though, I have already noticed a big slow down in terms of
traffic. All I will say is, be patient. Please don't stop coming here because I don't have the time to post every
two days.

Not that you probably want to hear, but school has been really crazy. It is only the first week in and I have had a nasty amount of work. Let's just hope that the first week isn't entirely representative of the rest of the year.

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America's Best Dance Crew screwed it up AGAIN. I know, it is only the second episode but still. This week the crew, Artistry In Motion, was eliminated. While the crew, Afroborike, stayed.
Now, I am sorry. But I cannot express how much dislike I have for Afroborike. To me they are just a big, walking, talking, dancing, Hispanic stereotype.Who really really really play up how "sexy" they are because they bring the "latin flavor", and "salsa onto the stage". Ugh... Why do these damn stereotypes exist to begin with?

I will leave you with a...
cause... you know, in all caps makes it seem more vital.

N.A.S.A- Gifted (Steve Aoki remix)

I am going to start of with a simple statement. The original of this song, is illlllllll. I mean, N.A.S.A makes the beat and all that. While Santogold, Kanye West, and Lykke Li do all the vocals. How does that NOT sound good? Anyway, this is probably my favorite remix of Aoki's and I have listened to this song so many times its not even funny. So to keep it short and sweet. This song is awesome, so is the original. Listen.

Oh and that remix is available at (In case you couldn't tell from the video.)

I am done now.

Till next time.

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