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Music To Discover:14

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Friendly Fires

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Friendly Fires are a English band from St Albans, Hertfordshire. Friendly Fires was originally a post-hardcore band, started by the band members when they were fourteen. Once university started, this small project soon disintegrated though. Once they came back, as Friendly Fires, in 2006, they began to make more synth-pop-y music. They have been used in multiple commercials, received much praise, and have even been shortlisted for the prestigious Mercury Prize. Friendly Fires consider their biggest influences to be, the German techno label- Kompakt, Prince, and Carl Craig.

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I first heard Friendly Fires when the video for their song, Skeleton Boy, was the free video of the week on iTunes. I didn't pay much mind to it, and then one day I watched the whole video. And was amazed. Now, the video is kind of strange, but that doesn't matter. I really liked the song, it is just that kind of synth-pop power-pop-ish, kind of ish that I always seem to like. (Okay not ALWAYS).

I really began to like this band though. But I wasn't too fond of any of their other stuff, it just didn't ring any bells at first.
And then...
On tv on night...
The video for Kiss Of Life came on.

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AGHHH. This song is just soo good. Not to mention the video is entertaining as well. The video itself is shot in Ibiza and has a pretty awesome drum beat, courtesy of a bunch of venetian mask wearing drummers.

Now Friendly Fires seem a little Coldplay, but less something. They also seem a little like The Presets, except for with a much more toned down use of electronics, and their not..well... Australian.

If you like
-The Presets
-White Lies
-Late Of The Pier
then go ahead and give Friendly Fires a shot.

Check out their songs.
-Kiss Of Life
-Skeleton Boy
-White Diamonds

Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires

Now I would like to take the time to point out some really awesome artwork I have stumbled across. (Because of some news headline).

Yuken Teruya, a Japanese designer, is taking Mcdonalds bags/boxes. He takes these boxes and cuts a small tree shape out of them, and then places the tree inside the original bag. The resulting trees are just astonishingly beautiful. It is also just amazing how the cut out at the top of the bag, just makes a very forest-y facade as well. Not to mention the fact that this is also a very environmentally conscious way to make art. As well as they environmental message it sends.

I love this.
Here are some pictures.

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image from

You can also see the images here, and read the article here.

Remix(es) Of The Day.

AutoErotique- Gladiator (Steve Aoki and DJ AM remix)

In memory of the late, DJ AM. DJ AM, as many of you have probably head, died this week. And it was only until recently that I really started to like this remix. DJ AM was a great dj, and will be remembered for a long time, my thoughts go out to his family and friends, R.I.P. Steve Aoki, like I have told you is a very good dj as well. And I have never heard the original song, so I will not try to comment upon it. This is a very fun, danceable, remix which is also available for free from

Love Grenades- Young Lovers (Sam Sparro remix)

Now I knew that Love Grenades and Sam Sparro were on tour together. And I really like Sam Sparro ( his first album is one of my favorites). Though I think I have heard at least one of Love Grenades' songs. This remix is really really really great. I first heard it in its entirety in dance class, and fell in love. (Sam Sparro is also featured in the original music video, for the record.) Be sure to check out the original too!

I think thats all for now.
I will find a way.
*sings Santogold*
Stick with me loyal followers, stick with me.


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