Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer is winding down....


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Yeah, thats right, I am GLAD summer is almost over.
Not that this summer has been horrible or anything, just like I am ready for it to be over.

For the most part I have always liked summer for about a month. From then on out though. Friends go away to cool places, and I am in good ol' Tucson. " Yeehaw". I have done some things this summer, yes, but like I said, I am ready for it to be over. At least school is something to do.

Though I am kind of scared to get my schedule on Tuesday. :I

This was supposed to be a more legitimate post, but man, keeping this blog updated is tough business sometimes. Not to mention dangerous, as as I write this my cat is mauling me for attention.

The past couple of days have been my. " I am gonna find something to do, just so I have something to do"- days. I.E repairing all the weird, gaping, holes in my jeans, re-attaching fabric, cutting jeans into shorts, etc... Which is a legitimate thing to do, though it makes me back ache from being hunched over with needle and thread.

Also, my "eat a lot of calories, and workout" fitness plan thing, has worked. I am not like wayyy heavier, just I have
gained weight. Not to mention I feel healthier. Just generally a nice feeling, not to mention I am way less self-conscious

So yeah... not really much to talk about, hopefully a more interesting blog will be posted in the next couple days. :]

Lastly, the video game: Mirror's Edge.... aghhh I want it soooo bad. As well as rock band 2, and Tekken 6 (when it comes out). Though for all three I need a xbox 360 or PS3. So I am tempted to buy a 360 when I can... hmm :/

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Remix Of The Day

This one was a pain, cause I had to make the video and post it to youtube MYSELF, so if for whatever reason this video gets pulled, you know why. Bloc Party, is a pretty awesome British rock-ish band. Many of you, though, probably know them solely from guitar hero. (Helicopter anyone?). Well I really like 'em and you should definitely give some of their original work a listen. XXXChange is also a pretty consistently awesome dj and you should also check out some of his other remixes.


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