Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music To Discover: 15

So I feel sooooo guilty for not posting anything for a long period of time.
Really :(

So forgive me internet, forgive me.

So lets get back in the swing of things.


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So chances are, that if you have been on the internet from between this time last year and now, you have heard of Ladyhawke. This is very similar to Little Boots, and maybe not so surprisingly, the two are rather similar. So if you have already heard of the coolness that is Ladyhawke bare with me, and to the newbies, prepare to be amazed.

Phillipa Brown a.k.a. Ladyhawke, born in New Zealand, is a electro-singer-songwriter musician. Ladyhawke, throughout her life, has been in a multitude of bands. She has formed bands with members of Empire Of the Sun, was a part of Two Lane Blacktop, and was in many grunge bands in highschool. She named herself after the Richard Donner film, Ladyhawke. She released her first album on Modular records (home to The Presets and Cut Copy as well) in September of 2008.

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Lets all just say it.
The world is in love with 80s-esque, dancey, synth-pop, androgynous ladies. It is extremely easy to tie Ladyhawke with her contemporaries: La Roux,Little Boots, and Lady Gaga. Let us look at all their similarities.
1)All do very dancey music which borders on the 80s synthpop standard.
2)All are relatively androgynous and embrace it to the fullest. (thumbs up)
3)All of them are AWESOME.
Need I go on?

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Now like most of the world I heard about Ladyhawke a while ago. Though like Little Boots I didn't pay her much attention or hear much of her music. It wasn't until recently that I really discovered her from seeing the music video for My Delirium on MTVU. It was then that I decided to download My Delirium and check out the rest of her music.

Ladyhawke is pretty much how I described her in terms of her similarities to her contemporaries. She is 80s and captures the strange happy/sad condition of oh so many synthey 80s songs. She also embraces some kind of masculinity in her music. This could be the fact that she says she only wears men's clothes, but I don't know how you would *hear* that.
Go figure.

Something great is happening in the world.

A wave of androgynous, 20 something, electro musicians are taking over.
Now we can all take a breath.

If you like...
-Empire Of The Sun
Then you NEED to check Ladyhawke out.

Check out her songs.
-My Delirium
-Paris Is Burning
-Dusk Until Dawn

My Delirium



I just want to touch upon a few things.

Kanye vs. Taylor.
Yeah... Kanye did a pretty douchebag thing.
BUT HE APOLOGIZED THREE TIMES. Just leave it alone people. Taylor accepted his apology, so that is that. I am already tired of hearing about this.

Also, Lady Gaga?

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Am I the only one who thought she looked like a Venetian-steampunk-Phantom Of the Opera-birdcage?
The *coolest* Venetian-steampunk-Phantom Of the Opera-birdcage, EVER rather.

Magic Wands- Black Magic (Crystal Fighters Remix)

So hopefully you remember Crystal Fighters from way back when I featured them. If not, check them out. Magic Wands, unfortunately I don't know anything about. Though this is a pretty good remix with a semi-dancehall-basque music feel. Give it a go!

So this time, FOR REAL. I am gonna keep up with posting.
Sorry about the epic-fail-ness.

With love to all of my readers, new and old.

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