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Music To Discover: 16

Yay for consistency!

Buraka Som Sistema

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Specializing in a kind of music labeled "kuduro" this Portuguese (with heavy influence and partially based in Angola) band will crush your sound system and maybe your eyedrums.

Kurduro is basically African drums and calypso mixed with trance/dance music. Sound like a headache? Well quite frankly it can be but one of the most interesting headaches you won't regret.

Buraka Som Sistema are leading the pack when it comes to progressive kuduro music. Buraka is also probably the most famous of the kuduro musicians. Buraka formed in 2006 and are based in Lisbon. They released their first e.p. in 2006 and debut album in 2008. Buraka Som Sistema and the genre of kuduro in it of itself has received a lot of support by popular artists M.I.A in particular.

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To be put simply kuduro as a genre is insane. If you have ever heard African drums and trance music, put them together and then multiply the intensity by 10.

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Buraka Som Sistema was one of those bands I just stumbled upon. The first song by them that I heard being D... D... D... D... JAY. I really liked the beat of the song. It took a few listens to the song for me to really like it and when I liked it, I liked it.

Buraka Som Sistema has a really fun energetic feel to them. They aren't, say, the band you would listen to before you fall asleep just because they have so much energy. The second song by them I heard was " Sound of Kuduro". This song has the genius that is M.I.A on it, and she really sold the hook to me.

Plain and simple, if you are in for some new sounding, experimental, high energy music then give Buraka Som Sistem a chance. Even if you don't know what they are saying in Portuguese it doesn't matter. Energy is universal.

If you like...
-Major Lazer
-Amanda Blank
-Boys Noize
then go ahead and give Buraka Som Sistema a listen.

Check out their songs.
-Sound Of Kuduro
-D... D... D... D... JAY
-Kalemba (Wegue - Wegue)

Sound Of Kuduro

Buraka Som Sistema

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La Roux's Album is a thing of genius. I pretty much love every song on it.
I really really really recommend it to anyone.

Remix Of The Day
Mushaboom-Feist (Postal Service Remix)
Both of these artists are very good and well established in their own respects. This remix really brings the best out of both of them. That is all, just check it out.

So I have still got some homework to do, so I am off.


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