Sunday, October 11, 2009

Music To Discover: 18

This week's post will wrap up my coverage of all the super awesome-electro pop ladies out there right now.

Florence + The Machine

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So I will just say it, Florence + The Machine is not totally 80s electro pop. If anything she is more of a British, indie-pop, soul, and alternative rock artist. However, Florence + The Machine still has a similarity in her voice (and in other ways) to her fellow artists like Ladyhawke, or La Roux, or Little Boots, or Lady Gaga.

Florence + The Machine has received a copious amount of praise from both British media as well as from media across the world. As a teenager Florence Welch found solace in bands such as Green Day, Nirvana, Celine Dion, and Annie Lennox. Florence also went on to front a couple bands, both of which she left because they "were the wrong band". The name Florence + The Machine was essentially a joke developed out of a nickname for Florence herself and a nickname for her friend who she made music with at the time. Florence + The Machine's debut album, Lungs, has done extraordinarily well, has been featured in feature films such as Jennifer's Body, and has even been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize.

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Florence + The Machine is still a relatively new discovery to me. Yes, I knew of her from reading lots of wikipedia articles about up and coming electro pop musicians but I never really checked Florence out. Florence + The Machine is also another artist that I FIRST heard on, believe it or not.

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Perez Hilton originally posted Florence + The Machine's song, Drumming Song, claiming that it would do really well and is amazing. I listened to it, and didn't think much of it. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, that on a whim that I looked the song up on youtube and fell in love.

Drumming Song is a strong, emotional, energetic power ballad to say the least. Florence's voice in this song in particular is one that is similar to Annie Lennox (fitting, considering Lennox is one of Florence's old favorites.)

Florence + The Machine is kind of theatrical. From songs like Postcards From Italy which sounds like it could be from the next hipster-indie movie that makes gold at the box office. To songs like Drumming Song which could very easily be from the next great romantic drama.

Pretty much every one of Florence + The Machine's songs are beautiful in their own respect. Ranging from the powerful to the melodic, Florence + The Machine will surely not disappoint.

I may go buy there album right now.

If you like...
-Ida Maria
-Bat For Lashes
then go ahead and check out Florence + The Machine.

Check out their songs...
-Drumming Song
-Postcards From Italy
-You've Got The Love
-You've Got The Love (the xx remix)

Drumming Song

Florence + The Machine

Remix Of The Day
Ladyhawke- Back Of The Van (Fred Falke Remix)
So you probably already know of Ladyhawke. If not, check out this post. This remix is pretty nice, just because it is. I recommend it, and all I can say is, "Can you say 'blast from the past'?"

So yesterday I finished the video game, Mirror's Edge.

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It has beautiful graphics, engaging story line and gameplay, and a beautiful soundtrack.
I recommend it to everyone.

I also saw the movie Whip It.

Also quite excellent. I don't have the patience right now to write much of a synopsis of it but just know it is REALLY good. I also recommend this movie to everyone.

That is about it for now.
I need to go do some sewing and studying.
(I've got to meet deadlines!)


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