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Music To Discover: 19


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Frankmusik is,plain and simple, a British electro-pop musician. Yes I do like a quite a few of these kinds of musicians...

Vincent Frank, known by his stage name of Frankmusik, originally went to Central Saint Martins (DREAM COLLEGE OF MINE) for a foundation course in Fashion design. He then went on to study at the London College of Fashion but then dropped out to pursue music. Frankmusik released his debut album of August of this year and has done a variety of remixes ranging from the Pet Shop Boys to Amy Winehouse. Frankmusik has opened for acts the likes of Pet Shop Boys and joined the Perez Hilton Presents tour this fall.

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The first song by Frankmusik I ever heard was his cover of Amy Winehouse's Rehab. This cover is nice because it shows that Frankmusik does have a strong voice, but it is also a great medley of synthtastic pop.

Frankmusik's music is appropriate to what is in vogue in terms of popular pop music. It is electronic, synthey, anachronistic, etc... His music is very energetic, and generally very happy. This is all quite refreshing considering a vast majority of the top 40 music we hear is, yes, sometimes happy but not necessarily energetic.

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Frankmusik's music is generally very catchy. Catchy, creative lyrics and some ridiculous synthey melodies that, if you have been reading this blog for a long time, you know I have come to love. Although I will say he is one of the male artists that I have noticed who does the electro 80s pop *well*.

Frankmusik used to be completely unavailable in the U.S. Though since the release of his debut album, more of his music has leaked into the States. Although I am still long awaiting the release of his Rehab cover, one of his best songs in my opinion.

For fans of
-Pet Shop Boys
-Sam Sparro

Check out his songs...
-Gotta Boyfriend
-3 Little Words
-Rehab (Amy Winehouse cover)
-Better Off As 2



Little Boots-Earthquake (Treasure Fingers' Epicwave Remix)
Chances are, you already know of Little Boots, her newest single Earthquake is not yet available in the U.S. This lovely remix on the other hand... is very very very available on Be sure to check out the original as well though. This remix is a little bit repetitive but it melds a variety of textures and is quite easy on the ear. Check it out.

So lately I have started to teach myself a bit of ASL.

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(Yes, primarily through the internet).
"Why?", you may ask. I am not too sure myself but I dont think one really needs a reason to learn something.
Although I have been tempted to use sign language in part of my final for my dance class.

So I decided that next week I will be the post will be on this lady.

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Spoilers are bad, I know.


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