Saturday, October 24, 2009

Music to discover: 20

Oh my.
20 musicians to discover already?

Lykke Li

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Home of a cavalcade of creative, innovative, wonderful musicians, musicians like Bjork, Royksopp, Robyn, The Knife, ABBA, A-Ha, Air France, Ace Of Base, and Lykke Li.

Lykke Li, being one of these musicians, is one of the most recent additions to the "worldwide recognized from Northern Europe" collection. Born to artistic parents Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson (Lykke Li), Lykke Li was given the privilege to live all over the world. Her parent's moved from Sweden to Portugal to Lisbon, Morroco, Nepal, and India and lastly to New York City. She returned to Sweden to record her album and currently lives in Stockholm. She garnered much positive praise as a soul infused indie electro musician and has appeared on many other musician's works. ( "Gifted" By N.A.S.A with Santogold, and Kanye West. As well as Royksopp's song "Miss it So Much" and on Kleerup's debut album.). Her song "Little Bit" has also been remixed by popular hip-hop musician, Drake. She has even recorded music for the upcoming movie in the Twilight series, New Moon.


To begin with, Lykke Li has become one of the most highly revered indie artists within the last year. Her album has even made it onto lists that document the "best album of 2008".

Lykke Li does sound very indie. She has a very chill, cool, almost haunting voice which although sometimes frail, is really beautiful. Her voice, to me, sounds quite similar to Bjork's voice. Both have a haunting and emotional tone to their voice. Which is something you don't hear in music too often. The other thing about hervoice is the extreme emotional range it has, her voice can echo much sadness, or hard to contain joy.

Lykke Li is also an artist that seems to flow with several genres of music. Whether that be the electro-hop energy of N.A.S.A's gifted with hip-hop and electro-alternative heavy weights like Kanye West and Santogold, or the smooth, glassy, trance-like ballad of Kleerup's "Until We Bleed".

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Some of Lykke Li's music is just really pretty. Her work on "Until We Bleed" is strongly emotional, tragic, and almost made me tear up when I first heard it. Other songs she has worked on like her original "Little Bit" characterize one's fear of love and admitting that she is just "a little bit in love with you".

Her music in my opinion is more characterized by her voice. The music that goes with her voice is excellent, don't get me wrong. I may not be so hooked on "Little Bit" if it wasn't for the cow bell and ukulele as well as pretty much everything.

Lykke Li is one of the most artistic, beautiful, interesting indie artists to come about in a while.
Give her a shot.
Maybe you'll "Dance dance dance" because you like her songs so much.

If you like...
-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-Au Revoir Simone
then give Lykke Li a listen!

Check out her songs
-Little Bit
-I'm Good, I'm Gone
-Dance, Dance, Dance
-Gifted (By N.A.S.A but featuring Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li)
-Until We Bleed (Kleerup featuring Lykke Li) ( THIS ONE IS REALLY SAD, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Little Bit
Lykke Li

Remix of The Day
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
So holy crap. This remix. I love it.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are tied with The Presets for the title of "favorite band ever" for me. I could just go on for quite the amount of time just talking about how great they are. Because I have such a like of them, remixes of their music don't usually strike a cord with me. Their music also seems to be really difficult to remix. This is one of two remixes of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs I actually like. (The other being the Nick Zinner', who is the Guitarist for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, remix of Gold Lion.) This remix takes the energy and craziness of Karen O's voice and adds some pulsing beats and energetic synths to make a lovely, lovely mix. This remix is also available on

I've seen some of the Valentino Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion advertisements.
I love them.

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They are a androgynous, edgy, a tad stoical, and a bit gloomy.
The clothes are also beautiful: with bold colors, edgy style, and frequently, intricate pleats. (I'm not too fond of the fur, but I will forgive and forget.)

Time to go.
I've got a dance performance tonight, a costume for a friend to sew, and homework to do.

Au revoir!

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