Saturday, October 3, 2009

Music To Discover:17

Glass Candy

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Glass Candy is a electro band.
An electro band that loves to make danceable, fashionable, haunted disco music.
Find me another one of those, I dare you.

Glass Candy is a band formed in 1996 in Portland Oregon. Glass Candy was formed by Ida No a Portland native and Johnny Jewel who is from Austin Texas. Glass Candy released their first album, Love Love Love, and then soon after they released their second full studio album. Their third studio album, B/E/A/T/B/O/X , probably garnered the most critical praise. In late 2008 the duo released a b-sides and unreleased tracks album titled Deep Gems. The band is tied rather closely to fellow band, The Chromatics. (Ida No is romantically involved with The Chromatics' drummer, Natty. Johnny Jewel is linked to Ruth Radelet the singer of The Chromatics.) Glass Candy has been used in fashion shows for Chanel and Chloe as well. The duo is reportedly in the studio working on a 2009 release.

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Glass Candy is another one of those bands that I really just ignored for a while. Not because they were bad, but just because I never looked into any of their stuff. Glass Candy has been recommended for me on iTunes since I purchased the Crystal Castles album. In other words, for a pretty long time.

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Glass Candy has such a fashionable feel. I do not say this just because they have been used for haute couture shows for the likes of Chanel. This duo makes a very... just fashionable feel. Let me put it this way.
When you listen to the song Beatific by Glass Candy you feel that you are or could be a world renowned model walking down the 4th arrondissement of Paris.
Seem a little dramatic?
Maybe so but this is a similar idea to what they sound like.

Beatific is a song that sounds SOOOOO familiar to me. I feel like I have heard it before but I am completely unsure of where...
If anybody can think of a song that sounds similar to Beatific, please comment.

Glass Candy is also one of those almost relaxing electronic bands. Electronic music is not exactly easy to make relaxing and the only two bands who I can think of who have done that are Royksopp and Telepopmusik. Glass Candy's beats can range from the etherial and aesthetically pleasing to beats that sound like they could come out of a pulsating disco.

All in all Glass Candy, is fashionable, danceable, and just generally awesome.
Check them out next time you are out at a 80s haunted disco in Paris.

Check out their songs...
-Etheric Device
-Candy Castle
-Computer Love
-Miss Broadway

If you like
-The Presets
-The Chromatics
-Junior Boys
then check out Glass Candy.

Glass Candy

Remix of The Day
Yelle-Ce Jeu (Tepr Remix)
Now I will return to my 'holy trinity' of djs for today. You should probably know by now that Tepr is a very good dj. He makes very lively and sometimes minimalist remixes. Yelle is a French band (mostly though, it is one person). Who has become very well known in the tecktonik scene. Yelle's band consists of Grand Marnier and Tepr himself. Basically this is a really good remix which I really enjoy. So check it out.


This news is a bit late, but.
The Lady Gaga/Kanye West "Famekills" tour has been cancelled.

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I think it is fair to assume that it was because of failing tickets sales, because of the Kanye vs. Taylor fiasco.
Kanye has apologized.
Taylor Swift accepted.
It was good enough for her so it should be good enough for her fans.

If you want to read some thoughtful, smart blogposts go and check out my friend Sheila's tumblr page.

So until next time readers.

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