Sunday, November 1, 2009

Music to Discover: 21

Today's music post will probably be kind of short.
Because I'm not given a lot to work with with this band and I've got other things to do.

Air France

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A very critically acclaimed electro-new-disco duo. Where do they come from? Sweden of course.

Founded by Joel and Henrik, the two based they're music out of Gothenburg, Sweden. The duo released their eps in the states to much critical acclaim and nabbing them one of the "acts to look out for in 2009" on

information from and iTunes.

Air France is still a band that is finding its footing in the United States. (Explaining the short and awkward biographies provided by many websites.)

Air France is very ambient. Their music is the kind that is somewhat simple sounding but altogether aesthetically pleasing as well.

Air France would also be very easy to classify under the "etheric electro" category. The sounds used and created sound foreign and (not to sound redundant), just simply etheric. This etheric
sound is so well developed that the music sounds thoughtful and intelligent.

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There have been several occasions where people have called Air France pioneers in Belearic Disco. (Belearic Disco being the kind of electro/disco music popular in the Belearic islands like Ibiza.)

The juxtapositions woven into Air France's music creates a very contrasting, but attractive, sound. Their music is very much not what you would expect to come out of the United States as the whole genre of electro music is only beginning to come into vogue.

But for those who are brave enough to listen to some smart, etheric, danceable, yet calm Belearic house music. Give Air France a listen, although you won't get frequent flier miles.

Terrible joke, I know.

If you like...
-The Knife
-Late of The Pier
-The Antlers

Check out their songs
-Gothenburg Belongs to Me
-June Evenings
-Collapsing at Your Door
-No Excuses

Air France

Remix of The Day
Lykke Li- Little Bit ( AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)

So I decided to do a remix of last week's artist, Lykke Li. Lykke Li's soft and delicate vocals are blended nicely with a very high energy, pulsing beat. Quite the interesting image with the contrast of textures from Lykke Li's glassy vocals to the hard beats to the use of some soft percussion. All around good remix. This remix is also available at

So, just to throw it out there.

I REALLY want DJ Hero.

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Also, I have decided to embark on the quest that is writing a novel.
For NaNoWriMo of course!
(National Novel Writing Month)

A 50,000 word or 175 page novel written by midnight November 30th.

Well i've got things to do.

Farewell loyal readers, farewell.

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