Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music to Discover: 23

Yet another awesome Canadian band.

Fan Death

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Named after a Korean urban legend that one can get asphyxiated from leaving an electric fan on overnight, this band really knows how to dish out some macabre baroque disco.

Fan Death is a rather obscured band. They are a duo, from Vancouver Canada and that is about it as far as knowledge about them. The two have released 2 12" records and a 5 song ep will be released in the coming year and soon after that, a full length album.

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Alright, that seemed a lot more boring than they really are, mainly because the band's existence is so obscured. This duo release very little about themselves, thus shifting the focus to their unique music.

Basically to surmise what this band sounds like in a few words, just think Patrick Wolf + Ladyhawke. This combination comes from the electronic and deep voice (like Ladyhawke) and the baroque pop sensibilities reminiscent of Patrick Wolf.

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Fan Death's lyrics are a bit on the macabre side but they also have an dense feeling of sorrow. The exact emotion that is meant to be conveyed is impossible to determine. Despite this, the music sounds quite sorrowful. Along with this obscure emotional depth there is a medley of strings, not to mention the synths that ricochet off of said strings. These electronic melodies top off the songs, shaping them into somber, disco-esque records.

The U.K's Guardian has claimed that Fan Death is the new Crystal Castles. Being a big fan of Crystal Castles, that is a compliment to me. To a certain extent I can see the similarities between the two bands but there is one huge difference between the two. Lyrics. Fan Death actually makes the words they are singing understandable. Crystal Castles likes to add to their ambiguity by making the lyrics indeterminable.

I really like Fan Death. REALLY, I do. And in many respects I could seem them as being the "new Crystal Castles" but I don't think they could, or would for that matter, replace Crystal Castles. One of the big reasons I like Fan Death is because of how artistic they are. Their artistic tendencies are evidenced by their complex lyrics, artistic images and videos, and their strange juxtaposition of disco rhythms and classical instruments.

Fan Death is fantastically unique and definitely worth a listen.

For Fans of
-Crystal Castles

Check out their songs
-Veronica's Veil
-The Best Night

Fan Death

you can also get some of their music from as well.

Remix of The Day
Au Revoir Simone-Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)
Au Revoir Simone is another artsy, smart, pop group. This band often sounds a bit melancholy but they always seem to put a bit of a cheery spin on their emotions. This Aeroplane remix of their song Another Likely Story was dubbed "like driving south in a stained glass Maserati" by That is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, all wrapped up in a shiny electro package.

I've recently re-discovered The Go! Team.
I still really like them, :).

I don't have much else to talk about right now.
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