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Music to Discover: 24

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Holiday/school/performances/rehearsals have been the causes for the time lapse.
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Operator Please
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"And don't you think that it's strange, that I call you by a different name."
The only Australian indie-pop rock band I can think of that actually started in a highschool. Yeah you heard me, one of THOSE bands. You know, the one you always wish you could have been a part of. The " we started a band for a battle of the bands in highschool and after school made it big"-fantasies. Well, Operator Please is one of those bands, and they are oh so magnificent.

Operator Please were formed in early 2005 for a Battle of The Bands competition in Brisbane Australia. Amandah, the lead singer, brought the teens, aged 17 to 19 together and they won the competition. After their victory they got their name out by the release of indie eps, word of mouth, and the popular Australian radio network, Triple J. Soon after, they were signed by Virgin/EMI and Brille records. Operator Please's popularity has grown from the help of Perez Hilton, Myspace, and Youtube. The five piece has been nominated for four Aria awards and won one. Their debut album Yes Yes Vindictive was released in 2007 and their second album is reported to be completed and awaiting release.

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I have known about Operator Please for about 3 years now. I remember seeing their video " Just A Song About Ping-Pong" on youtube's front page in 2006. With questionable subject matter and a spastic video, I wasn't really sure what to think, but I liked it. The song was catchy, creative, Amandah (the lead singer)'s voice was surprisingly soulful.

I continued to look for Operator Please's music. I then found the song "Crash Tragic" which was 3 times as catchy as " Just a Song About Ping-Pong". This path of discovery continued on for quite a long time and then peaked at " Leave It Alone". "Leave it Alone" is quite the excellent piece of pop-indie-violin music. I fell in love.

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Operator Please is also quite the interesting mix of musical styles. Amandah's lead vocals are deep, soulful, and sometimes sweet. The lyrics, basslines, and guitar are all unlawfully catchy and will bore themselves deeply into your mind. Lastly, the violin. Oh the violin. In my opinion, the fact that there is a violinist in this band *really* tops them off to me. This goes for the piano/keyboard. Both add a ubiquitous tinge of emotion and sophistication that can't really be found in many indie-pop-rock artists. All of these things combine make me really really really like Operator Please as a band.

The music this band makes ranges from intense pop cheers like " Just a Song About Ping Pong" to slower, more emotional songs like "Two For My Seconds."

Lastly, I have actually been fortunate to have a couple conversations with Operator Please. Just Amandah I mean. And by conversation I mean we have exchanged status comments on facebook/myspace a couple times. Seriously though, it was SOOO COOL.

( I had a smiley face here. But then I realized that that was probably unprofessional....)

Fans of...
-Birds Of Tokyo
-The Arctic Monkeys
-Fight Like Apes
-Dead Disco (Former band of Little Boots)
Should give Operator Please a listen!

Check out their songs.
-Leave It Alone
-Two For My Seconds
-Crash Tragic
-Get What You Want
-Zero Zero
-Just A Song About Ping Pong

Operator Please

Remix Of The Day
Florence + The Machine- You've Got The Love ( The XX remix)
I'm kind of amazed I haven't featured this remix yet. Well, regardless. This is a wonderful, calm, mellow remix. With the pretty sounding vocals and the rhythmic drums and even the ethereal harp in the beginning. This remix is also available at, I believe.

Other Things.

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Crystal Fighters' new single, I Love London has finally dropped on iTunes.

New Young Pony Club announced that they will be releasing a new album in early 2010. You can hear a clip of their newest single at

I hope everyone in the States had a good Thanksgiving, sorry it is so belated.
And to everyone else, I hope you have had a good past two weeks.

Until next time, which won't be so far away.

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