Monday, January 11, 2010

I felt it necessary.

To feature these two remixes right now.

La Roux- I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)
So today I have been playing this *nonstop*. Seriously, I have played it to death today. You should probably already know how I feel about La Roux (so I'm kind of obsessed...) and this remix is definitely the best "I'm Not Your Toy" remix out there. With the delicate vocals and the deep house beat, it is really a match made in heaven.

Klaxons- Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)
No, the song is not about the book by Thomas Pynchon. I actually like this remix better than the original. Van She manages to masterfully weave electro-dance rhythms into The Klaxon's dance-punk, new rave style. I don't have much to say about it other than that it is great.

'til next post.

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