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Music To Discover: 25

So I am sorry if you were expecting a post on the artists to look out for in the coming year but I have decided not to do that.
Basically, just check back through the archives to see all the artists I have already talked about and look out for THEM.
So things will continue as usual and once again, sorry about the time lapse between posts.


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And yes, this is totally safe for work...
Please excuse my puns.

Have you ever heard of a genre of music called Nu Gaze?
Didn't think so.
If you do, you win cool points, if not, listen carefully.
Nu Gaze is kind of like shoegaze, kind of like alternative rock, and kind of like electronic music. In short it is rock music with some electronic influences, some space-rock influence, and some very drifty, mellow, shoegazy-ness....

The XX is one of the bands that fall under this genre of Nu Gaze (as well as bands like Sigur Ros, Asobi Seksu, and The Horrors.) The XX is a band from southwest London and originally formed in 2005 At Elliot School ( a school with alumni like Hot Chip and Burial.) The band, originally a four-piece, now a three piece, have also worked with producers the likes of Kwes. (also known as Micachu) and Diplo but produced their debut album XX themselves. The band also recorded most of their songs in a garage at night. This strange fact is also credited to be the reason behind the band's sleek, whispery sound. The XX has toured withFlorence + The Machine,Friendly Fires, and will tour parts of North America with the Hot Chip and tour the U.S with Swedish band jj in March.

Also you may have heard their song "Intro" on promotional commercials for Cold Case and Law & Order.

( information from &

(You may remember The XX from this post.)

The XX is a band that just sounds cool (by every definition). The only way that this band can really be described as a mellow, cool, sleek, and a more soul-y version of The Cure. The band has also apparently cited The Cure and various other alternative rock bands as their influences as well as pop and r&b artists such as Rihanna and Aaliyah as influences. This is, for me, only evident in the fact that they cover Aaliyah's song "Hot Like Fire".

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The XX is one of those bands you can hear in Urban Outfitters... this is not necessarily a bad thing it is just something to point out. In some respects it is understandable as their are a pretty new, relatively unknown in the U.S, indie band. On the other hand, The XX is a lot more mellow than the typical thumping sounds of bands like Cut Copy blasting while you are trying to shop.

A total chill out band, The XX should be played when one either feels pretty calm or feels like their need to be calm. Carefully crafted lyrics and a minimalist approach make the band comes across as a cool, smart, talented, and purposeful. They look a bit like an emo, goth band and they sound a bit like one. But by no means does that count against them.

I have heard The XX called things from every side of the critical spectrum. From "Make out music for cool kids" to " Well I kind of like them but the talent is there but I like don't like the way that talent is used." (Generalizations of reviews from iTunes). In my opinion the talent is definitely there. That talent almost seems obvious as they do minimalist music and it is not easy to pull off minimalist music. As for if they really make "make out music for cool kids", well, I'll just leave that to you.

If you like
-Tv On The Radio
-Bat For Lashes
-Au Revoir Simone
-Grizzly Bear
then go on and give The XX a listen!

Check out their songs...
-Basic Space
-Blood Red Moon
-Their remix of "You've Got The Love" by Florence + The Machine


The XX

Remix Of The Day
Uffie-Pop The Glock (Felix Da Housecats Pink Enemy Remix)
Strangely so, I seem to like Uffie's music a lot better remixed. Uffie, a French musician, often makes pop-esque rap songs. Felix Da Housecat makes house and electro-clash music. Combine the two and you get a repetitive, yet catchy danceable remix. Give it a shot. This remix is available at as well.

So I have caught word that Fan Death is touring the U.S with Little Boots
Once I heard this, I flipped. However, I was kind of disappointed because they were only touring the usual places: Oregon, California, New York, etc...
So I wrote three venues recommending they bring the two bands to either Tucson or Phoenix.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Lastly, this video made me laugh.

That is all.
Until I post again (which I promise will not be far from now),
au revoir.

Happy (late) New Years everyone!

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