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Music to Discover: 26

I seem to feature a lot of dance, electro bands/musicians.

I'll try to spice it up later...

Chew Lips

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South London has a new dance-pop, dance-punk trio on the radar...
The band Chew Lips (sometimes spelled CHEW LiPS) formed in the spring of 2008. Soon after their coming together, they quickly recorded ten songs and began playing shows. Chew Lips was then approached to perform at the Electric Proms in October of 2008. The band is currently touring the U.K. and will be frequenting the festival season circuit, including SXSW in Austin, Texas.Interestingly, the name "Chew Lips" comes from a character from the Brendan Behan book Borstal Boy. Chew Lips will be releasing their first album on Kitsune on January 25, 2010.

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In all honesty the fact that the band is named after a character from dramatic novel is appropriate.This band has a very dramatic feel to them. The lyrics are deep and often somewhat tragic but they are flawlessly crafted and enjoyably intelligent. Vocally speaking, there is an innate sharpness and histrionic flair Chew Lips has to them. "Tigs" (the lead singer) has a very interesting sounding voice that ranges from very sharp, angular sounding high notes to very powerful lows. "Tigs" has the kind of voice that always keeps you guessing and carefully listening.

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This strange collision of vocal styles is emphasized even more by the low-key electro melodies, leaving extra room for the dramatically fragile vocals to shine. In some of Chew Lips' songs (most notably "Solo") there is a heavy 8-bit influence. This use of 8-bit and bit-crushed synths is quite the throwback to 80's video games. Simultaneously these minimal/ 8-bit rhythms and melodies often obscure the line between electro and techno music. Strangely, this combo of electro, techno, and 8-bit works marvelously with the vocals supplied by Tigs.

Chew Lips is actually one of those bands I just kind of looked over for a long while. I had heard their song Solo in early 2009 and I initially wasn't too hooked. I then heard the TEPR remix of the same song and I really enjoyed it. After that, Chew Lips sort of fell off the radar for me. Unbeknownst to me Chew Lips began releasing more and more songs. It was when Nylon Magazine released Chew Lips' song Seven in their free indie spotlight when I became interested again. Seven is probably what hooked me on Chew Lips and drove me to look up their other music.

In between the droning 8 bit melodies, the minimal electro sounds, the fragile yet dramatically intense vocals, the intelligent lyrics, and the fact that the band is barely two years old, Chew Lips is quite the fascinating musical catch.

If you like...

Check out their songs...
-Salt Air
-Play Together

Salt Air
Chew Lips

Remix Of The Day
Cruel Intentions (Feat. Beth Ditto)(Heartbreak's Slow Action Remix)-Simian Mobile Disco
I had to post this video myself just so i could share it here. I love this remix. The piano, the sounds that are so very disco, and the strong vocals supplied by The Gossip's own Beth Ditto just make it perfect. EXCELLENT. (This mix is free at

oh man...
I don't know why but this video fascinates me.
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Also, the worlds first blogging plant?
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Lastly, I am sure you have all heard about the tragedy in Haiti.
Please do all you can to help those who are currently in need. To send a ten dollar donation to the Red Cross is as easy as texting "Haiti" to 90999.
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