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Music to Discover: 28

Once again, I am trying to diversify the range of musical genres I feature here, so here we go.

Marina and the Diamonds

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Marina Diamandis better known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds is a Welsh singer/songwriter and a former actress. Her stage name is a literal translation of her name as Diamadis means diamonds in Greek. "The Diamonds" is often misinterpreted as meaning her backing band, "the Diamonds" refers to her fans as evidenced on her myspace page where she says, "I'm Marina, you're the Diamonds." Marina dropped out of University school and attended dance school for two months following this she took a year long class at the West London Music School. Marina was signed to 679 Recordings in October of 2008. The debut album for Marina and the Diamonds, The Family Jewels, is due out on February 22.

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Last week I featured the Fenech Soler remix of the song Hollywood so here comes the full analysis.

Marina and the Diamonds is something of a fabulous concoction. So many of the songs that Marina and the Diamonds do are so socially aware, cynical, and sharply directed towards commercialism.

Her music is somewhat pop-y but I can't really call it pop, if you catch my drift. Regardless if this really is "pop", then it is some of the most intelligent, well thought out pop music I have ever heard. Hollywood is a song about the "American dream" and the worlds obsession with the media and Americanized commercialism. How many songs like that can you think of? So many of these lyrics not only prove themselves to be thoughtful and complex but they are also genuinely funny. There are even times when the lyrics are sharp and poisonous and are juxtaposed with deep emotional tones.

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Marina and the Diamonds is just a wonderful mish-mash of Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, Ellie Goulding, and Martina Sorbara. She has some pop aspects but she plays these traits with her unique sounding voice and sharp as needles lyrics. Marina and the Diamonds is nearly always relatable, how? I don't know. I really can't even easily place a single genre on her musical style.
Let us just go with alternative-pop-art-indie-rock-new wave

I would lastly like to address a debate I have seen online...

"Florence + The Machine is just like Marina and the Diamonds" or vice-versa.

Now let me say this I love Florence + The Machine and Marina and the Diamonds both.
They are both amazing artists but, *they cannot really be compared whatsoever*.
Yes they have a few similarities: they both are women, they are both from the United Kingdom, they have somewhat similar names. But those are where the similarities really stop. Their voices and musical styles are quite different. They are completely different artists and really should not be compared.

This also goes with comparing Marina and the Diamonds to nearly any of her sharp-witted, female contemporaries.
She is just Marina and the Diamonds. Not the new replacement for Florence + The Machine, or Lily Allen, or Kate Nash, etc...

But that is just my opinion.

*Clears throat*

So. If you want some clever, sharp, lovely alternative-pop-art-indie-rock-new wave music, then check out Marina and the Diamonds.

If you like
-VV Brown
-Kate Nash
-Amanda Palmer
-Ellie Goulding

Check out their songs...
-I Am Not A Robot
-Mowgli's Road

(Marina and The Diamonds isn't available in the U.S iTunes store, sorry.)

Remix of The Day.
Florence + The Machine-Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (The Lionheart remix)

This is another Florence + The Machine remix, I know. You should probably already know how I feel about Florence + The Machine . Basically, this is a great remix. It preserves the power of the vocals and distorts some of the harp, piano, and the vocals but theses distortions don't sound awkward, they sound appropriate.
I particularly love the part around one minute in this mix. This remix is available for free download at

R.I.P JD Salinger and Howard Zinn.
You both were amazing influences in the writing world, thank you.

I've learned a few things today.

1) It is really easy to eat bucketloads of delicious, dark-chocolated covered honeycomb.

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2) And dyeing things red is really messy.

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I may do another post REALLY soon because there is another artist I am dying to feature, we'll see.

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Laugh with me here.

(please excuse my discursiveness.)

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