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Music to Discover: 29

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Japanese electronic music has *never* sounded like this before.

AMWE is an Indie new wave/electronic musician from Nagoya Japan. She began her music career in jazz cover bands and 80s-esque groups. She got her big break in 2008 when she won the Japanese leg of the Diesel U music competition. In October of 2009 she was signed to Pure Groove Records and with increased exposure she was invited to have a song on the eighth Kitsune Maison compilation album.AMWE has drawn comparisons to Robyn, Daft Punk, and immi. Amwe also writes, produces, and provides all the vocals to all her music.

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Let me begin.
Japanese electro music, to me, has often sounded very up-beat and practically always techno.
I heard AMWE and that perception I had was smashed to pieces.

AMWE is hard for me to describe.
Mainly because there is the fact that there is the language barrier. She does most all of her music in Japanese (except a couple words here and there ). I can only think of one song she does in predominantly English.

AMWE herself has this fascinating d.i.y. punk ethic image. She is totally self made. This is obvious because she does all the work on all of her music but also her sense of style, her hair, and even her videos look like they were engendered from a sense of creative madness/genius.

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AMWE's musical style is also something that is really hard to describe.
I though, have found the formula to solving her musical style though.
If La Roux spoke Japanese and had the Polysics and Crystal Castles as her backup band, then you would have AMWE.
This seemingly ridiculous combo actually works wonderfully. Bit-crushed bass and industrialized synth melodies hashed between sometimes hard, sometimes melodic vocals make up a majority of the sound.

Yes, the style AMWE leans towards is sometimes a little discordian. But it is not always this ways. In the song "Diving From High Space", AMWE's vocals are smooth and the beats and rhythms minimal and more upbeat. In all honesty the whole up-beat style electronic music gets really old really quickly but AMWE puts her own admirable and ambiguous spin on the peppiness.

In my opinion, AMWE's music is the kind of music you would discover in a rave somewhere in Tokyo.
Her music is hard, danceable, and unique and something you probably have never heard.
AMWE has definitely become on of my favorite artists of 2010. (Also she said hi to me on twitter, it made my day.)
Check her out!

If you like...
then give AMWE a listen!

Check out her songs
-Diving From High Space
-Friction Between Lovers
-Bangin' The Drum
-Red Fascination

Bangin' The Drum

Remix Of The Day
Dragonette Pick Up The Phone (Francis Preve Remix)
Yes, I know, it is seven minutes long. There is the radio edit but I myself prefer the extended version. The original song is great, but in the Francis Preve remix there is a fascinating danceable fragility. Definitely worth downloading. (Available at

Dear readers,
Go to iTunes and download the current free single of the week. VV Brown is a great artist and I have been waiting for quite a while for her album to come to the U.S. She has a great 50s, sultry sound and is one of the greatest free singles in a while.

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I am currently getting over a cold, and have been chugging miso soup and taking vitamins all day...yuck.

Until next time.

Au revoir.

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