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Music to Discover: 30

Yeah another post this week, I'm on a roll.

Reni Lane

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Oregon born, Viriginia transplanted Reni Lane escaped the suburban mindset by writing and performing music. She moved to New York City when she was 18 to pursue a career in writing and producing in collaboration with David Pattillo. She later attended Columbia University. While at Columbia she turned her dorm room into a stage for performing and she performed at The Sidewalk Cafe every week and she worked with seasoned songwriters. She finished her album with Pattillo and during school breaks she would tour Europe with her band. Since then, Reni Lane has gathered much more exposure with the help of MTV, Virgin Mobile, The L Word, and Vh1. Her second album, Ready, will drop on March 16th 2010. Reni is also a member of the band The Like from southern California.

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I first heard about Reni Lane's music from a friend.

The first song I heard by Reni was "Place For Us". I didn't take to it much at first.


I listened to "Place For Us" the second time and I had no idea what I was thinking when I heard the song the first time. "Place For Us" is not only a ridiculously catchy song but it is also universally relatable. The beat of "Place For Us" is a thumping pulse with jangly yet melodic guitar riffs and Reni's sometimes haunting, emotional, and soft spoken vocals. A spectacular mix of musical elements.

Putting a lot of thought into this, I decided that Reni Lane sounds like a strange collision between Karen O and Regina Spektor. The drums, guitar, and attitude are very Karen O/Yeah Yeah Yeahs but the soft spoken-ness, heartfelt lyrics and the sometimes lulling melodies are very Regina Spektor. The Regina Spektor comparison is a little ironic considering Regina Spektor was discovered in The Sidewalk Cafe that Reni Lane frequently performed at.

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Lyrically speaking there is a lot to Reni Lane. Her lyrics are often true, relatable, romantic, and very well thought out. She often uses complex metaphors, symbols, and comparisons within her songs. These devices make her music much more wise and intelligent sounding.

In terms of Reni's musical style, she is impossible to label. She sometimes uses synths, she uses guitar riffs, heavy percussion, and sometimes even electronic styles. Although these are just things she frequents, there is not exactly a single genre of music you can pin to Reni Lane. Yes she is indie, yes she is alternative, and yes she is a little synthey-jazz-electro-punk-art-rock.

Although Reni Lane's music career is only beginning to shine it is already seeing to be a very promising future. She is definitely the future empress of the indie scene. She is undeniably creative, intelligent, and talented, so be sure to check her out!

If you like...
-Uh huh her
-El Perro Del Mar
-Gregory And The Hawk
-Fulton Lights
Then check out Reni Lane!

Check out her songs.
-Place For Us
-Even You
-We Don't Forget
-Never Be Another You
-American Baby

Place For Us
Reni Lane
Reni Laine

(p.s. there are two iTunes links because iTunes misspelled Reni Lane. There is a Reni Lane and a "Reni Laine" page, so go to both.)

Remix Of The Day
Fabio Lendrum- Trouble (CFCF Remix)
Basically, if you want a musician that sounds a bit like Frankmusik Fabio Lendrum is your man. In this mix there is a very haunting vocal arrangement and minimal beats and keyboard melodies. This is basically just a fascinating remix, very relaxed.
(available at

Why you ask?

Because it has been confirmed that I will be going to England and Scotland for ten days during the month of March.


I am unbelievably happy.

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'til next time.
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