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Music to Discover: 31

Sneaky Sound System

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House/dance/electro with powerhouse vocals?
I'm sold.

Sneaky Sound System is a Sydney-based Australian dance trio. The bands producer initially wanted to start his own record label, this subsequently led to the first Sneaky Sound System release "Hip Hip Hooray" which gained radio attention and became a cult hit. The band released their first album in August 2006 and was later nominated (and won) 2 ARIA awards. In 2007 the album went double platinum in Australia and spawned 6 singles. Sneaky Sound System then did an international tour and in 2008 they released their second album. The second album landed them much more success in the U.K. In 2009 Daimon Downey left the band and the band also announced they were working on a third album and could possibly be collaborating with Mylo, Kanye West, and Riton. Bands such as Cut Copy and Hot Chip cite Sneaky Sound System as an influence.

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Sneaky Sound System is already a very successful and critically acclaimed band in Australia, although in the U.S. and other parts of the world, their music has only began to be recognized.

Where do I begin?

Well, Sneaky Sound System was one of those discoveries. As soon as I had heard the song " I Want Everything", I was hooked. Sneaky Sound System's front woman, Connie Mitchell, has as deliciously powerful voice. And this strong voice combined with bouncy, deep, hard house music makes for one hell of a sound.

In many respects, this combination of dance music with the vocals is very disco-esque. Except not. All I mean is, if disco originated in Australia during the 80s rather than the 70s and was played solely at raves/block parties, you'd have Sneaky Sound System, at least I think so. Sneaky Sound System in other words has basically re-done disco and made it their own, modernized sound.

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Another reason I really like Sneaky Sound System is that they pretty much always sound upbeat even when they aren't trying to be. "I Just Don't Want To Be Loved" pretty much sounds like a cry of disgust with humanity but it is played with very danceable and somewhat upbeat thumps and whirrs. Simultaneously, songs about being in love are just as happy and energetic. No matter the emotion, Sneaky Sound System finds a way to make it marketable and accessible. Basically, if you are feeling down, dance it out. If you are feeling mad, dance it out. If you are feeling happy, dance with it.

Lastly, I really love how in the acoustic version of some of the songs, Connie Mitchell's voice sounds just as strong as the mastered versions of the same songs. You've gotta appreciate that.

And that is pretty much Sneaky Sound System in a nutshell.
Check 'em out!

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Check out their songs.
-I Just Don't Want To Be Loved
-I Want Everything
-Kansas City
-I Love It

I Want Everything
Sneaky Sound System

Remix(es) Of The Day

Bulletproof vs. I Think I'm Paranoid- La Roux/Garbage mashup
At first I was like -.- and then I was like :D.
Now, this seems like a totally weird and perverse combination. Amazingly, this totally works and it really grows on you. Two of my favorite bands here and I am surprised that they actually can compliment eachother. You can download this here.

J'y Suis Jamais Alle- Yann Tiersen (Smoku Remix)
This is another one of those " that sounds like something you really shouldn't do" type things. I always thought Yann Tiersen (by far my favorite modern composer and the genius who crafted the Amelie soundtrack) shouldn't be remixed. But I heard this during one of Florent Amodio's ice skating routines for the Olympics a couple days ago. It is actually really enjoyable to hear and a great combination of breaks and beats with Tiersen's work. ( I'll get to the Olympics here in a second.)

Fashion week wrapped up. Actually, this year was kind of very demure and a little darker than usual. I noticed a gravitation towards beiges, grays, whites, blacks, and browns. Hmm, odd.
I would post more about it but that would take a long time to finish that post.
So I'll hold back this time.

But I do want to mention this Julian Louie dress.

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And speaking of fashion, is anyone seeing this new nautical trend thing?
I'm kind of liking it.

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Oh the Olympics.
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You are the reason why I have been staying up late and being less productive lately.

All I have to say is.

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Plushenko, you didn't deserve the gold compared to Lysacek. Be happy with your silver, please.

Now I really wish I knew how to ice skate and/or I lived in a place where I actually *could* ice skate.
I've also decided I like the winter Olympics much better than the summer ones.

The XX's "Intro" in one of the AT&T commercials played during the Olympics?
I freaked out when I heard that.

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True that.

That is all.
Until next time faithful readers, until next time.
Au revoir.

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