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Music to Discover: 32

Two Door Cinema Club

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Happy, peppy, indie rock from Ireland. On we go.
Two Door Cinema Club was formed in 2007 when Alex Trimble and Sam Halliday met at grammar school in Bangor Ireland. They later met Kevin Baird who also joins the band. Soon after forming, the band gained increasing amounts of attention via their myspace page. They each then dropped out of university and began working solely on their music. They released their first ep in January of 2009 and gained good critical reception and more popularity gained via the blogosphere. Two Door Cinema Club was also nominated for the BBC Sound Of 2010 poll. Their debut album, Tourist History, was released in Ireland on the 26th of February and will be released March 1st in the United Kingdom. Two Door Cinema Club cites Bloc Party, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab For Cutie as influences and have opened for acts like Delphic, Foals, The Wombats, and autoKratz. Two Door Cinema Club is signed to French label Kitsune.

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Basically, let me see how to phrase this.
If Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, and Death Cab For Cutie had a love child, that child would be Two Door Cinema Club.

I'll begin with Two Door's energy. There is just something about Two Door Cinema Club. They are just ridiculously happy, upbeat, and infectious in their positivity. The guitar riffs and bass thuds are all conducive to an uplifting and energetic feel. There are times when listening to Two Door Cinema Club really makes everything a bit brighter, a bit more exciting. I'm surprised though that the lead singer, Alex Trimble's light and unique voice can carry so much energy and not be drowned out by heavy bass, drums, and guitar.

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Now that I think of it the very well controlled, sometimes chaotic sound sort of reminds me of Klaxons albeit a bit of a quieter Klaxons.One of the biggest comparisons I can draw to Two Door Cinema Club is to the band Phoenix. Both have very bouncy riffs, striking drums, and similar vocals. This isn't a negative comparison but honestly between the two I prefer Two Door Cinema Club.

I can definitely see where Two Door Cinema Club's influences come into play. "Cigarettes In The Theatre" sounds very reminiscent of Bloc Party, you can see the Death Cab For Cutie in the backing melodies, and the sometimes moody lyrics can be distantly related to Modest Mouse. (Also, I Can Talk sounds a little bit like Ladyhawke's My Delirium.)

Two Door Cinema Club is, lastly, mindlessly catchy. The vitreous whir of noises eventually make their way into your mind and gain an unrelenting grasp. Of course this isn't bad as there are definitely worse things than having catchy, happy, fun rock-pop-sortofnotreallyelectro music stuck in your head.

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So, in short, if you want some catchy, upbeat, indie-pop-rock then give Two Door Cinema Club a listen.

If you like...
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then check out Two Door Cinema Club!

Check out their songs.
-I Can Talk
-Something Good Can Work
-Cigarettes In The Theatre
-Undercover Martyn
-Eat That Up, It's Good For You
-Costume Party

I Can Talk
Two Door Cinema Club

Remix Of The Day
We Have Band- Honeytrap (Co-Pilot's Flying High Edit)
Today we have another rcrdlbl find. This time it is a creative jaunt through the genre that is piano house. Piano house is what it sounds like, house music with heavy reliance on piano. This remix with ghastly sounding vocals, heavy piano, danceable beat, and angular guitars is quite the tune.

As you probably know, I like the band Crystal Castles.
And if *you* like the band Crystal Castles then you probably know their song Vanished.

Did you know that that song can be rendered very very well on the piano?

A couple days ago I came across a lovely little find at a thrift store.

*angelic chorus*
(Sorry for the bad photo quality I took the picture on my phone.)

Also, I know that I'm not the first to address this but what is with Rihanna's Rude Boy video?
It looks quite a lot like M.I.A's Boyz video.

Whatever it is just a bad call on the director's fault.

Also, this video made my day yesterday. Don't ask me why, it just did.

School tomorrow, blech.
Until next post.

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