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Music to Discover: 33

Class Actress

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Class Actress is a three piece new-wave, electro, ambient, spectral dance band from Brooklyn, New York and fronted by Elizabeth Harper. Elizabeth Harper was originally a singer-songwriter who would perform at coffee houses under her own name. Recently, Elizabeth met producers Scott Rosenthal and Mark Richardson and they formed the trio. Elizabeth had always wanted to go into electro music so she dropped her guitar and started making sleek, "goth prep", Madonna, Human League, and Depeche Mode inspired electro. Class Actress is currently on tour with Little Boots and released their first ep in February on Chris Taylor's (of Grizzly Bear) label, Terrible Records.

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I'll just cut straight to the chase.

Basically, Class Actress is a unique collectivization of styles and genres.

Yes Class Actress does have minimally slick electro beats and melodies. ( Very similar to the XX if you ask me.)
But Class Actress also has a knack for combining these electronic sounds with wispy, haunting, tragically romantic, coy vocals and lyrics. (Glass Candy anyone?)

I will begin with the ambience of the electronic beats and such. Class Actress' music will make you want to dance. But not energetically or in a really fun way. I mean they'll make you want to dance in kind of a mopey, "I'm too cool for this" way. This isn't a criticism at all, it is merely a way Class Actress gets their style and mood across. Despite the fact that the band is electronic, there is very little reliance on the peppiness of synthesizers.

Electronic music and moody vibes combined are always a throwback to the eighties, more specifically the new romanticism movement. Class Actress has this whole new romanticism thing and knows how to modernize and make it seem relevant.

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Onto the vocals.
Let me just say Class Actress would not be as good as it is without Elizabeth Harper's eerie, subtle, depressed-ly romantic, airy vocals. As I previously mentioned, these vocals do remind me a bit of Glass Candy. Except for Elizabeth's voice is a lot more traditional sounding than Ida No's. One would not very easily be able to identify the fact that Harper is a former singer-songwriter but her strong, cool voice is clearly put to use in songs like "Journal Of Ardency" or "Let Me Take You Out". Harper's voice soars over the bit-crushed, thumping beats and the catchy bass and guitar riffs. Harper's vocals also add emotional depth to what would be automaton sounding basement dance music.

All in all. Class Actress is a class act. ( Oh man, sorry about that one.)
And if you are looking for some ambient, electronic, romantic, moody music then give Class Actress a listen.

If you are a fan of...
-Picture Plane
-Idiot Glee
-The XX
then give Class Actress a listen!

Check out their songs.
-Journal Of Ardency
-Careful What You Say
-Let Me Take You Out
-Someone Real
-Broken Adolescent Heart

Journal Of Ardency
Class Actress

Remix Of The Day
La Roux - Bulletproof (HYPER CRUSH remix)
Okay, if you are tired of hearing about La Roux from me I'm sorry. I am kind of obsessed though, so just understand that. HYPER CRUSH is a myspace band that makes super shameless electro, grunge, dance, rap music. I was very, very, very skeptical of a remix of Bulletproof by them. But they manage to turn Bulletproof into a danceable, insane, grunge-y and edgy tune. Great remix if you ask me. This remix can be downloaded from HYPER CRUSH's blog here.

I have so much to talk about right now.
Here is the abridged version.

1)Little Boots' debut album finally dropped in the states on the 3rd. It is great, as you'd expect.

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2) In case you didn't already know. Glass Candy came out with a new ep . It is alright, I don't like it as much as their older stuff but it is still pretty good.

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3) Gorillaz have also come out with a new album. Their much anticipated new album, Plastic Beach is definitely proof that Gorillaz have not disappeared. They continue to make genre-less music and they make it well. Although this album definitely does have a different feel to it, it seems, dare I say, a little pop-ier than their older work. Still, a very solid album.

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4)The video for Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone came out on Thursday. It is everything you'd expect: a ridiculous plot line, crazy fashion, a good song, and in this case, strange amounts of discursiveness. There is also a super-heavy Quentin Tarantino inspiration in this video.

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5) New Young Pony Club FINALLY have a new album: The Optimist. I haven't heard all of it but I may pick it up when.... (see # 6).

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6) I leave for England and Scotland on Monday!
asdfghjkl;' :D

Well. I've got things to do.
I may blog from the U.K. we'll see.

Until then, so long!

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