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Music To Discover: 35

I was having an issue (again) deciding who to write about this week.

And it struck me...

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Prototypes are a three-piece band based in Paris. They began when both members of the band Bosco ( Stephane Bodin and Francoise Marche) began collaborating with singer/performer Bubble Star ( Isabel Le Doussal). The trio have developed a very hybridized style, taking influence from folk, 60s pop, alternative indie rock, and electronic music. Their first LP was released in 2004 on the label Barclay and their second release was in 2006 on Universal. American label Minty Fresh caught wind of the bands new sound and signed them, their music was released in the US in 2006 as well. Their most recent album was released in 2008.

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Now if you do some remembering you probably already know at least one song by Prototypes.

Remember now?

That is right, Prototypes are best known for being in that iPod commercial a few years back. ( Wow iPod shuffles were "gigantic" back then huh?).

So, once that commercial aired, at the time I LOVED the song. After I listened the hell out of that song though, Prototypes sort of fell off the face of the earth for me. It was only a short while ago that I rediscovered the band.

Prototypes do have a really interesting sound. Some of their work sounds very electronic while some of it sounds more garage rock. Basically if you took the best things of The Ting Tings, a pinch of Karen O, and a TON of Yelle, you'd have something like Prototypes.

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For example. Their song "Gentleman" is a mellow, electronic, acoustic, cool sounding song. In contrast, their song "Je Ne Te Connais Pas" ( which was used in a Mitsubishi commercial) is spectacularly 60s and has a much rougher sound (and always reminds me of the band CSS for some reason.) Thirdly, there is the iPod commercial song itself, "Who's Gonna Sing?" This song is a bass heavy, pop, catchy romp through a french to english dictionary. All in all, Prototypes' music is ALWAYS horribly catchy, even if you don't know what they are saying.

Lyrically though, Prototypes often have a stark (sometimes profane) cynicism that highlights their songs. Danse Sur La Merde ( :O ) is exactly my point. Simultaneously Prototypes have a vintage repetition in songs like " Je Ne Te Connais Pas" where the title of the song is repeated many, many times.

Prototypes are one of those bands that you might superficially judge at first because they were on an iPod commercial. But beneath their apple friendly veneer lies catchy, cynical lyricism and an ear-catching mish-mash of musical styles.

If you like...
-Les Plastiscines
-The Ting Tings
then give Prototypes a listen!

Check out their songs...
-Who's Gonna Sing?
-Je Ne Te Connais Pas
-Dans Sur La Merde
-Minimal Animal

Je Ne Te Connais Pas

Remix Of The Day
Warrior- Magic Wands ( The XX Remix)
I've had this remix for a while and it has really grown on me. There is a very heavy focus on drum and bass in this mix, almost like a dubstep. Cryptic lyrics combined with this industrialized toughness and mysterious, haunting wispy-ness doesn't make this a party jam. It makes it the choice song for relaxing or getting some angst out.( available at

In other news...

Season five of America's Best Dance Crew wrapped up this week. Honestly, I've been kind of done with this show for a while but I still periodically watch it for fun. I had three favorites this season. In order, they were Blueprint Cru, Static Noyze, and Poreotix. Static Noyze got eliminated WAY too early and the top two were Blueprint and Poreotix. Poreotix won, which i am happy about but....

I still think Blueprint should have won. I mean, look at that.

So Blueprint joins Beat Freaks, Kaba Modern, and Fanny Pak to my list of crews who I think should have won...

Kate Nash has had a new song out for a short while now. I LOVE IT.

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It is a lot more mo-town and old fashioned than some of her other work. Simultaneously, she released a free download of her new song " I Just Love You More" and it sounds like some intense noise-punk. So her new music can really sound like anything. It doesn't matter though how different it is, just it has been to freakin' long since she's released new music. Her album, My Best Friend Is You drops in the UK on the 19th and I PRAY it comes out sooner here in the U.S.

I just wanted to share this.

I'm going to see Lady Gaga in concert this summer!
:O :D

Lastly, Lilith Fair needs to hurry the hell up and release all their tour dates and lineups.

Until next week!
Au revoir.

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