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Music To Discover: 37

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If you know the French dance gods, Justice, then be prepared to be introduced to...


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In 2007 a three piece DJ set was formed in Japan. The trio released their first bootleg mix cd in February of 2007. This mix sold like hot cakes and the demand for the trio skyrocketed. 80kidz released a second bootleg mix cd and with the release of their unofficial remixes on their myspace, 80kidz had already gained popularity with much of the blogosphere. While their work is circulating around the world, the band released their original song Disdrive which garnered remix requests by bands like: Shoes, Quiero Club, When Saints Go Machine, The Glammers, and Futurecop. The band released their first single, Disdrive, in March of 2008 and their debut album in 2009.

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I first heard 80kidz on one of the Kitsune Maison compilations a while ago. I first heard Miss Mars and I was suprised at how catchy the rhythmic blips were. At the time, that song was the only 80kidz song I had heard and I wasn't that hooked.

It wasn't until I revisited the band that I really started to love their music.

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80kidz specialize in electro/dance music. To me, 80kidz are the Japanese equivalent of Justice or even Digitalism. I say this because they can make danceable, creative, intense, electronic music and they can also completely recreate songs through remixing and make them into creative pieces of musical art. In my opinion, this kind of electronic musical mastery can be linked back all the way to musicians like Daft Punk, who really began the venture into this kind of genre of music.

It is apparent that 80kidz exploded from the vibrant, colorful youth culture in Japan. 80kidz's music though is so hard to pin to one culture though. Yes the energy seems as before mentioned, youthfully Japanese, but the electronic influences are leaning to the French side, and the intertwined guitar riffs? American? British? Who knows and who cares. I am merely saying that 80kidz really know how to blend different styles, cultures, and music across the world to make to make swift, danceable, club, unique, creative, thumping dance/electro/house music of their own.

Their remixes though, holy god. Something about 80kidz just makes them remix geniuses. They've done remixes for Black Kids, Yelle, MGMT, autoKratz, Hey Champ, CSS, and TONS of other bands. All the remixes by them that I have heard I have liked and each one maintains the original artist's intention but 80kidz also leave their esoteric imprint on each song they re-do.

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If you are looking for a new, stylish, addicting Justice/Daft Punk/Digitalism-Like band then you NEED to check 80kidz out.

Check out their songs...
-Miss Mars
-Alt A
-Getting You Off
-Life Begins At Eighty

If you like
-Shinichi Osawa

Miss Mars

Remix Of The Day
Annie- Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
So, Annie has been around for a while now and she is Swedish and makes electro pop music. I've known about her for a while and she is pretty popular. I have reluctantly refrained from posting about her. Nonetheless, I REALLY love the song Anthonio. Let me say, Designer Drugs is the perfect duo for remixing this song. This remix is a delicious Italo-disco, 80s, dancefloor (much like the band Stylophonic in some respects) explosion. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

I am going to add another remix/redeux for today.
AMWE- Part Of Your World
Yes. If you thought of Disney when you read "Part Of Your World", you are right. AMWE as well as artists like today-mentioned 80kidz took part in the House Disney, Electro Parade album. This is where electronic musicians did either remixes, covers, or complete re-works of classic Disney songs. I actually really like this song by AMWE, yeah it is chaotic and very little like the original, but it has quite grown on me.

The XX released the video for Islands.
It is repetitive, yeah, but i love it.
I never realized how this song can be interpreted so tragically. Amazingly I actual saw this video debut on MTV, I know, who would have thought?

I went to Yann Tiersen's concert on Monday.
I never knew how experimental he was with his live music. Also, every time he picked the violin up it was like some kind of divine intervention. I loved it.

I am so horribly disappointed in Arizona. You probably already know why.
I don't want to get into it but Arizona has easily become the most nonsensical, jingoistic, gestapo-esque state in the nation.

I'll leave you with an image.

(image from Sheila)

'Til next time.
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