Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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This is a short post about a remix I just heard.

Remix Of The Day
Marina & The Diamonds- I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix)
Oh. My. Gosh.
So, let me just say that Clock Opera is a very interesting group in their own respect. They make some alternative-y music with a lot of melodrama and emotion. Marina & The Diamonds is one of my favorite artists right now. She has an amazing album coming out in the U.S in May and I was fortunate enough to pick it up when I was in London.
This is one of those remixes that is just immense. Don't be fooled though, when I say immense I don't mean your typical danceable, bass heavy, club-banger. I mean immense in terms of the emotional intensity. Clock Opera beautifully handled the already emotional song and crafted it into a emotional, scattered, frayed sonnet. Marina Diamandis herself even said the song was "better than the original". I wouldn't necessarily say "better" but more emotional, and well, more operatic, yes.

I REALLY hope the "I Am Not A Robot" single drops in the U.S because then this remix will be available for download.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

That is all.
I hope you're all having a pleasant week!


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