Sunday, May 23, 2010

Extra remixes and friends in France.

I forgot to post about this remix yesterday.
So here it is today.

Hearts Revolution- Dance Till Dawn (AMWE Remix)
I haven't been able to find this remix anywhere until I magically stumbled upon it on iTunes. I then quickly posted it to youtube just now for all of you guys to enjoy it. This song's synth melodies and floor filling bass are what really hooked me. The whole remix sounds so deliciously danceable and just like a classic dance/disco/AMWE inspired track. In traditional AMWE fashion there is a bit of experimental chaoticism in the vocals as they sound elongated and digitally ground at times. At the same time, this song totally makes me want to go make a ton of clothes and then have them walk down a runway with this sleek, stylish beat accenting the model's walks. Call me crazy.
Hearts Revolution themselves are also signed to Kitsune Japan and make experimental, creative electro dance music like their label mates 80Kidz, AMWE, Beni, and autoKratz. ( The 80Kidz remix of Dance Till Dawn is freaking brilliant as well.) I'm really loving this remix and its dancey, and magnificently chic sound. Definitely worth checking out.

I miss this girl.

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