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Music To Discover: 39

There will be a LOT of remixes today, you've been warned.

Penguin Prison

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Penguin Prison is dj and electro/dance musician Chris Glover from New York City. Chris was first signed to Neon Gold records and released his first singles Animal Animal, and A Funny Thing in November of 2009. His more recent singles, The Worse It Gets, Something I'm Not, were dropped March of 2010. Penguin Prison has gained an increasingly larger fan base because of his remix of bands and artists like Marina & The Diamonds, Goldfrapp, Erik Hassle, Ellie Goulding, and Golden Silvers.

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So, I'm going to make this quick because I have a ton of remixes I want to share.

Penguin Prison has been in my periphery for a while now. He first gained my attention when his (excellent) remix of Marina & The Diamonds' I'm Not A Robot. I then later heard a few remixes of Penguin Prison's own song, A Funny Thing. It is at this point that I really became interested.

Let me begin by saying that Penguin Prison's remixes just sound cool. They just sound really chill and well thought out. He makes the kind of remixes that are just as sophisticated and pre-meditated as they are bass-throbbingly danceable. Penguin Prison also very cleverly plays the original musician's voice with complimentary beats and melodies that he adds in. For example, the delicacy of Marina's voice in I'm Not A Robot is blended with a simple, bass heavy beat and delicate synths. While Goldfrapp's retro style in Rocket is equated with 80s rhythms and a fast paced tempo.

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Penguin Prison also carefully matches his vocals with his background music.
A Funny Thing is definitely my favorite original song by Penguin Prison. It has a ubiquitous artistic quality to it and Chris' relatively low voice is really pleasant to hear with the bouncy guitar sounds, scattered synths, and wobbly bass. Even in songs like Animal Animal, where there seems to be a self aware sense of absurdity, Chris' voice is met by happy, child-like, jubilant synths.

So. If you are looking for some danceable, well thought out music. Be sure to check out Penguin Prison.

Check out their songs....
- A Funny Thing
- The Worse It Gets
- Animal Animal
- Rocket- Goldfrapp ( Penguin Prison remix)
- I'm Not A Robot-Marina & The Diamonds ( Penguin Prison remix)

If you like...
-Jeffrey Jerusalem
-Fenech Soler
then check out Penguin Prison!

Remix(es) Of The Day!

I've got a lot to feature today...

Uffie featuring Pharrell Williams- ADD SUV (Armand Van Helden remix)
Okay, let me say, to be honest, I have never been Uffie's biggest fan. She is alright, just not my favorite. This song though. HOLY GOD. This is not only Uffie's greatest work in my opinion, but this remix is just so superbly excellent. The repetitive, mixed up backing disco track, Pharrell's smooth lyricism, and Uffie's chorus of things that end in -"enic". I've listened the hell out of this one.

In-Grid - Milord
Okay, this one is more a cover, but whatever. So. I saw the movie La Vie En Rose recently (which is fantastic, by the way) and completely fell in love with Edith Piaf's music. My favorite song being her classic, Milord. I found this redux by Italian dance musician In-Grid and I was amazed at how well In-Grid captured the emotional throatiness of Edith's voice. I still prefer the original but this is a very good, upbeat version of the same song.

Aira Mitsuki- Barbie Barbie ( 80Kidz remix) AND the (Terukado remix)
Unfortunately, I couldn't find either of these full remixes, so you can have about half of both of them, sorry. Aira Mitsuki makes shiny, J-pop/technopop music. The 80Kidz remix is as sophisticated and 80Kidz-y as one could ever hope and the Terukado remix sounds deliciously club-approved and dancey.

The XX- Shelter (Death To The Throne remix)
As I just learned, Death To The Throne is actually from Phoenix, which is close to where I live. Funny. Anyways. I don't really know what to classify Death To The Throne under in terms of a musical genre but, whatever.
This remix has been blowing up on and it deserves all the attention it has gotten. Shelter is probably one of the quietest and mellow songs on The XX's hit debut album. I, personally, would have never thought this song could be danceable... boy was I wrong. This remix keeps the delicacy and sensitivity of the lyrics and vocals and weaves it with intense, danceable beats.

La Roux- Quicksand (autoKratz Drags to Riches remix)
I'm obsessed with La Roux, AS YOU ALREADY KNOW. This remix by up and coming electro juggernauts autoKratz is laced with spliced lyrics and ravey-blips and chirps. I heard this remix somehow by seeing the soundtrack for some French thriller/murder movie. I'm kind of loving this remix.

Almost done!

I forgot to mention last week that Kele Okereke ( the front man of one of one of my favorite bands, Bloc Party) has a solo project coming up. His debut solo album is produced by xxxchange and that in it of itself shows that his solo work will be MASSIVELY different than his work in Bloc Party. The album, titled " The Boxer", is set for release in mid June.

Kele Okereke is also now mononymous as he is going by the name Kele for his solo work.

His new work, as evidence by his first single, Tenderoni is very dancey and I really like it. I can't wait for the new album.

Lastly, I would like to touch on M.I.A.'s new work.

She came out not to long ago with her newest single, Born Free. It is extremely punk rock and discordian. The song, I can accept. But I was REALLY put off by the violent, graphic nature of the video.
I completely understand the artistic purpose of it and I also respect M.I.A. A LOT for her intelligence and her political involvement. But on a personal level, I just couldn't like the video.
Moving on.
M.I.A. then released another new single, XXXO.
I really, really, like this one. I am very aware that M.I.A. has never been fundamentally "pop" but this song is very clearly her most pop/mainstream record to date. Regardless, the beat to this song is spectacular and you can hear M.I.A.'s style and creativity from a mile away.


This kid is amazing.

I wish I was that cool when I was in 6th grade.

I almost forgot!
The video for Florence + The Machine's amaamamamamazing song, Cosmic Love came out!
I love it.

Well, thats all.

Summer is almost here, I can taste it.

So long!

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