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Music To Discover: 40


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AutoKratz is a London based indie-tronic duo made up of Russel Crank and David Cox. The two have made quite the name for themselves since 2008 when they released their first mini-album Down & Out In Paris and London. This debut earned autoKratz quite a bit of critical acclaim from a veritable cavalcade of music publications including NME. In 2009 the duo released their first full-length album, Animal. Animal gained massive critical success. Because of their exponential growth in popularity they have supported techno juggernauts Underworld, the band The Prodigy in Tokyo, and A-Trak, Crystal Castles, La Roux, and Tiga during fesitval circuits. AutoKratz have drawn comparisons to electronic juggernauts Digitalism and have done remixes for the likes of La Roux, Fischerspooner, Alex Gopher, and the before mentioned Underworld.

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I know I say this a lot, but this happens a lot.

AutoKratz is one of those bands that has been in my peripheral vision for a while. I just never really listened to much of their stuff. I decided to post about them after last week's post where I featured one of their remixes.

So here we are.

AutoKratz is an interesting electro duo for a few reasons.
-Firstly, they are very electronic, don't get me wrong, but they aren't intrinsically tied to digital/electronic instruments. The pair also really love to use guitar in their work and, unlike several electronic musicians, use traditional, natural drum kits for their music.
-Secondly, their music varies in electronic severity, if you know what I mean. If not, I mean, some of the songs by autoKratz are very ravey and walk along the border of electro and techno music with heavy, droning synths, and beeps and chirps scattered about. Simultaneously, some of their songs almost sound The Killers-y as they sound more like indie rock with electronic influence and other songs sound dancey and club-centric.
-Thirdly. To compliment the "The Killers-y" comment, autoKratz have very indie-rock sounding vocals. I really, really like the vocals, don't get me wrong, they just don't sound like the traditional,stereotypical male electro vocals.

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These three factors have very easily and obviously set them apart from their electro peers. I love them for that differentiation.

In autoKratz's vocals are probably what initially hooked me. Both lively and subdued, sometimes moody sometimes not, always catchy. As I've already mentioned, I can really hear an indie-rock influence in the vocals. Why? I'm not sure, but that is just my opinion. To me, this style of music earns a comparison to Klaxons who also dabbled in both heavy electro and indie, dance-punk, rock.

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Lyrically, autoKratz's content stretches from romance, to bitter opinions of love, to I don't even know what. All I can really say is that the lyrics sound appropriate to their music and song titles and are horribly,delectably catchy.

AutoKratz is really one of the most unique electro acts I've seen in a while. And because of that, they've made a name for themselves and I'm really digging them.
So if you want some indie rock prerogatives submerged in an electronic deluge then check them out!

Check out their songs.
-Kick (available for free download on their myspace page)
-Always More
-Stay The Same
-Last Show
-Speak In Silence
-It's On

If you like....
-Shadow Dancer
-Boys Noize
then check out autoKratz!

Always More

Remix Of The Day
Kele- Tenderoni ( xxxChange Dub)
In last week's post, I briefly talked about Kele Okereke's (of Bloc Party) solo project. His first single from his debut album is an excellent song in my opinion. This remix by xxxChange (who produced Kele's solo album, The Boxer) is everything you'd expect from xxxChange. This remix is unabashedly cool, and keeps the bouncy synths from the original song intact. Simultaneously, despite the chill exterior of this mix, there is a danceable energetic interior. Definitely worth checking out. (Available at

I would like to take this moment to recognize iTunes free single of the week.

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This week's free single is Erik Hassle's Hurtful. Erik Hassle has quite the voice and I've known about him for a short while. Erik is from Sweden and has gained some intense popularity and great critical attention in Europe. He is only starting to make headway in the U.S. now. This song is simultaneously catchy and unhappy and lamenting. Hurtful expresses heartbreak using indie-pop styles. He's definitely an act to look out for and you should totally go download his song for free.

In other news...

-Bulletproof broke the top ten on the American iTunes store. :D
- The Golden Filter, remember them?, dropped their full length debut album, Voluspa, on iTunes at the end of April. Sorry for not posting about that.
-Super Junior's newest album is (mostly) available on iTunes as well.
-If anyone knows a way to get AMWE's debut album without paying 30$ for it to ship from Japan, TELL ME.

That is all for this week.
Until next time!
Au revoir.

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