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Music To Discover: 41


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Looking for a Japanese sort of Bassment Jaxx?
Found 'em!

LIL is a Japanese electro/dance duo made up of vocalist Ucio and multi-genre-able dj TSUGE. The band formed in 2005 and since their beginnings they have remixed Kaskade, Rasmus Faber, and Hernan Cattaneo. Their debut album landed in the number one spot on Manhattan Record's House chart and number two on the Dance Music Record chart. Their debut single , me,too, and their LESSON ONE ep both landed them the number one spot on the iTunes electronic charts. The bands popularity is often attributed to Ucio's range of vocal styles and the bands unique combination of house, electro, acid jazz, and new wave. The duo released their debut album on the third of March 2010.
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Let me begin by painting you a picture of the common, popular Japanese dance and electro-pop scene, as far as I have noticed. Popular Japanese dance and pop music is so very, very, very techno inspired. Every aspect of these songs and musicians are steeped in bombardments of synths, and intense, scattered rhythms and melodies. Vocally speaking, this kind of music is often very high pitched and intensely digitalized.
Don't get me wrong, I love Japanese music and I think some of it is fantastic. I am just merely stating some observations of Japanese pop music I have made.

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LIL is, mostly, a complete tangent of what this is.
I began this post by comparing LIL to Bassment Jaxx.
Let me explain myself.
1) Both LIL and Bassment Jaxx make very unique and sometimes experimental dance music. In short, both defy the classical norms of dance music and create something completely new. Something increasingly new, yes, but not necessarily outlandish as they both maintain a danceable prerogative.
2) Both LIL and Bassment Jaxx rely on the vocals to partially define their music. Bassment Jaxx use guest artists for vocals, yes, but in more cases than not, they use very soulful and powerful vocalists. LIL's Ucio does all the vocals for the band but her voice is still soulful and esoterically strong. Ucio's combination of English and Japanese also makes for a provocative auditory experience.

With that aside, I'll continue.

LIL's music is, like I already mentioned, super danceable. Simultaneously in songs like me, too there is a bit of creative discursiveness floating about. I am mostly referring to the lyrics.
Now this observation could purely be my own fault as I don't understand Japanese. But I couldn't quite understand the meaning behind the lyrics " life is musica, I like a America, such a superstar".

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This kind of discursive creative also carries over into their hit, Lesson One. In this case though, the lack of understanding, for me, is mostly in the introduction. Which is a atari-d, grungey, rush of guitar riffs that then lead into a solid house beat. Later on into the track, Ucio's uniquely strong voice shines.

LIL is definitely super creative and worth a listen.
If you want some genre-bending dance music with a healthy dose of creative chaoticism then lend them an ear.

Check out their songs...
-me, too
-Lesson One
-Dance On The Floor
-Moshi Moshi Radio

If you're a fan of...
-Bassment Jaxx
-Shinichi Osawa
-Ayuse Kozue
then check out LIL!

LIL- me, too

Remix Of The Day
AutoKratz- Stay The Same (80Kidz remix)
Dynamic electronic duo I posted about last week combined with a dynamic electronic trio. What more could you ask for? Classy synths, cheery pianos, and just general awesomeness.

Yesterday, there was the release of the Lazerproof mixtape.

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This is a mixtape that involved dancehall master Major Lazer (which is a project by famous djs Diplo and Switch) mixing and sampling tracks by my favorite, La Roux.
This mixtape is kind of a mixed-bag for me. Some of the artists don't work with La Roux's vocals or melodies or rhythms at all. Others are oddly workable and enjoyable to listen to.
All in all, I recommend this mix. And come on, it is free.
I recommend...
-Bulletproof (Nacey remix ft. Matt Hemerlein)
-Independent Kill
-In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream
-Quicksand ( Mad Decent 2010 Remix)

You can download Lazerproof here.

Marina & The Diamonds' track I Am Not A Robot is iTunes free single of the week this week

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I love this song. It is definitely one of the strongest tracks of her debut album (which also dropped in the U.S this week.) There is some real emotion in this song and Marina's voice is fabulously unique. Just do yourself a favor and download the song.

Lastly, brought me this gem.

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This is a collection of color, emphasis on COLOR, photos from the early 20th century by French photographer Albert Kahn.
This is fascinating to me because I've always had a tough time picturing the early 20th century in color. Just saying.

It is summer break here in the U.S.
Now I have time to read, watch movies, watch tv, play video games, just do anything, really.
Now I have a lot more time to blog as well. So start expecting blogs every 2, 3 days.
Until next time loyal readers,
au revoir.

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