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Music To Discover: 42


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An Oxford 5-piece that have established themselves as indie rock deities in their home, the United Kingdom, since 2005. Members Jack Bevan and Yannis Philippakis were originally in a cult math-rock band which later disbanded due to "lack of fun". Walter Gervers and Jimmy Smith were members of a few Oxford central bands but later parted. Edwin Congreave (as well as every other band major, save Jimmy) dropped out of college to perform music. Later on, the 5 met up and formed Foals (originally a band fronted by Andrew Mears of Youthmovies though the current 5 kept the band up). The band cites Harmonia and Talking Heads as influence and their musical style is linked to the genres math-rock, dance-punk, indie rock, and techno. Foals released their first album, Antidotes in 2008 and their second album Total Life Forever in 2010.
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Foals have been around a while. And in th have drawn many comparisons to band, Bloc Party, and more current band Two Door Cinema Club.

I REALLY cannot see the Bloc Party comparison, beyond rhythmic similarities. Both bands move throughout their songs at a similar pace and have a similar dramaticism but they, to me, aren't bands that can or should be compared.

Two Door Cinema Club on the other hand... I can see a bit more. Both bands have bright guitar melodies that are both refreshing and catchy. Beyond that though, there isn't much else for me to make any great comparisons to.

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My point is, Foals are not Bloc Party of Two Door Cinema Club clones, they're aren't even bands that should be compared. Perhaps if you like Two Door Cinema Club or Bloc Party you will like Foals as well, but not because they are the same bands.


Foals have been recommended for me on iTunes for about a million and a half years.
I've liked Foals for a while and it isn't until now that i've decided to post about them.

Foals are very... mathematical, which is almost cliche considering they cite math-rock as one of their influences. What I mean by "mathematical" is that Foals make very brilliant, calculated, purposeful soundscapes. Math-rock is also described as having atypical rhythmic structures (irregular starting and stopping) and dissonant, chaotic chords.
Foals have all of this.
They also take this kind of inspiration and through it in a proverbial music blender and mold it into a unique style of indie-rock.

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Foals' vocals are also rather distinct. Foals range from droning and ominous in songs like "Electric Bloom" and strained and scattered in songs like "Cassius". The vocals compliment the colorful soundscapes painted by guitars and keys and bass and drums. The lyrics are mosaically placed with arcane creativity and whimsicality.

Foals is one of those bands that you can totally picture having a cult following and either make you melancholy or happy or both. Honestly, Foals seems to be just one great dichotomy. A dichotomy completely worth checking out.

If you are a fan of...
-Tokyo Police Club
-Ra Ra Riot
-These New Puritans
-Good Shoes
then give Foals a listen!

Check out their songs...
-Red Socks Pugie
-Olympic Airways
-Electric Bloom

Olympic Airways

Remix Of The Day
Yoko Ono- Give Me Something (Junior Boys Remix)
Yoko Ono is, well Yoko Ono. I respect her. Her music though, is always pass/fail for me.
I have no idea what this song is about as I don't really know the intention of the lyrics. Regardless. Yoko's voice is blended perfectly into this mix and sounds just as staccato as some of the synths. An excellent ambient, relaxing remix.

I went to the midnight premiere of Prince Of Persia with my close friend.

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Not like the video game at all.
But what else should you really expect?
It was an alright movie otherwise, not spectacular, not bad.
It got me started on playing the X-Box game again, which I realized is not as bad as I had first judged.

I also really need to keep dancing this summer because otherwise, next year is going to hit me hard.
I'll stop mumbling.

This made me laugh.

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Until next post!
So long.

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