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Music To Discover: 44



Now, real quick, I'd like to mention that I've mentioned Delphic LOTS of times before. This is predominantly because a lot of the bands I've featured here have some kind of similarity to Delphic. It has just taken me a while to actually post about Delphic themselves.

Delphic is a 3-piece, alternative dance band from Manchester England. The band is made up by James Cook, Matt Cocksedge, and Richard Boardman (Dan Hadley accompanies the band on drums). The band released their first single, This Momentary, on French electronic label, Kitsune. Following this release, while 2009 was waning, they had their first television appearance on "Later... With Jools Holland", the video for This Momentary was nominated for three UK Music Video awards, and Delphic was nominated for the BBC Sound of 2010 in which they placed third. In the beginnings of 2010 Delphic launched a sell out UK Tour to mark the release of their debut album, Acolyte, which jumped to #8 on the UK album charts during its first week. Delphic is also signed to Polydor records. Their debut album will be released in the U.S on June 29th.
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Like I said. Delphic is cited to be similar to soooo many of the bands and artists I've already posted about: , Chew Lips, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly Fires, and New Young Pony Club, just to name a few.


Delphic is quite the interesting band. They're very obviously an electronic band but they aren't strictly electronic. As mentioned earlier, they are defined as "alternative dance". The band takes alternative, indie rock vocals and guitars and weaves them with shiny, danceable, energetic synths.

Delphic has this arcane creativity and intelligence about them. As their name fits, Delphic is kind of ambiguous and obscure in their musical style. Their titles echo some kind of pensive thought in songs like Halcyon, Ephemera, and Clarion Call. Delphic retains this kind of esoteric thoughtfulness in their lyrics. Like in their song, Halcyon...

Give me something I can believe
What you say doesn't say that you mean it.
If I'm wrong at least I know better.

Seem kind of sad?
Well, yeah. Delphic's music is steeped in this kind of elegant, monochrome melancholia. A lot of their lyrics seem very bitter, dark, sad. The synths and electronic melodies that compliment these disconsolate lyrics are often cool, sleek and mechanized thus creating an interesting auditory experience. I say monochrome, in part because of their music videos. I've taken note that most of their music videos are in very dark, cool, monotone colors like grey, black, white, brown, and blue.

(image from

None of this is to say that Delphic's music is depressing and/or only to listen to when you're feeling blue. Delphic's music is also very ambient and somewhat relaxing. Their music really sets up some kind of a soundscape and creates a rather pleasant environment.

Delphic's music is cool, sleek, danceable, and just all around pleasant to listen to. If you're looking for some electronic music, with melancholy lyrics, indie vocals and all around charming music, give Delphic a listen!

If you like...
-We Have Band
-Everything Everything
-Miike Snow
-Pin Me Down

Check out their songs...
-This Momentary


Remix(es) Of the Day
Boomkat- Stomp (Cory Martin Remedy)
Because a lack of an embed link, and I don't want to give a direct link because I know that makes the link prone to piracy, yadda, yadda, I'ma just give you a link to Cory Martin's myspace. Cory Martin, whose "Fixin' To Thrill" remix I posted a while back has done it again. He has taken L.A band Boomkat's song Stomp and turned the slinky song into a bass throbbing dance jam.
Definitely worth a listen.
Check it out here.

Taylor Swift- Love Story ( Deadmau5 Mashup remix)
I've never posted Taylor Swift here on Chromatist before. That isn't because I dislike her music, just I've never felt the need to post about her here. This is kind of a surprising find for me. I was just lurking through youtube's mashup. I'm kind of amazed at how well Taylor Swift's tween approved love song mixes with some deep house/trance. Definitely an interesting mashup.

Also, the video for Shakira's song Waka Waka (which is for the World Cup this year in South Africa) released.
The video is a little boring, but I like the song.
I do prefer the song in Spanish though, which is the case for me with most of Shakira's music.

I forgot to mention in last week's post that Operator Please's sophomore album dropped at the end of May.

(image from

It is quite the excellent follow up to their debut, Yes, Yes Vindictive.
Operator Please retained their post-punk, dance-punk style and returned with an edgy, catchy, fun, mature album, Gloves.
If you're a fan, I recommend you give their sophomore album, Gloves, a listen.

The Alejandro video by Lady GaGa was set to release today.
That is atleast what I've heard. It hasn't debuted yet, but if it does, be sure to check here as I'll have it posted.

It is so freaking hot here in Arizona.
Can you believe 108 degrees already?
I hate this state.

I'm thinking of baking today, maybe.
Maybe I'll post pictures.
But I can't take super fancy pictures like all those fancy shmancy food blogs. Oh well.


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