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Music To Discover: 45

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For some reason, I keep posting about musicians that were part of the BBC Sound of 2010 (or 2009) list. I really don't aim to do this, it just happens.

Like band I recently posted about, Delphic, Hurts is a band from Manchester England. Hurts is an disco lento (slower disco music), electronic band with several rock influences. The band is Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson and they formed in 2009. The duo took a trip to Italy and this is where they discovered disco lento. Along with this discovery of slower disco/electronic music, they took up a more sleek, vogue European style and began developing songs based on melancholic 80s electro-pop. It wasn't until earlier 2010 that Hurts released they're first single, Wonderful Life, and performed their first ever shows. Their debut album is set to drop this August.

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It would be redundant to say Hurts is 80s.

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But Hurts is 80s.
I mean, in several of the pictures the band has posed for, they look so eerily similar to Tears For Fears it isn't even funny. Although I personally think that Hurts sounds more like a hybrid between Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode.
This combination creates a very melancholic, sedate emotional tone to all their music. Relatively monotone at times, the vocals of lead singer Theo Hutchcraft margin between angry and sullen to more of a tragic croon echoing Hurts' moody-electro predecessors.

Despite the tragic sounding vocals, the lyrics are seemingly uplifting. This is not to say all of the lyrics are uplifting but nor are they the opposite. Songs like Wonderful Life are almost cinematic in their lyrical craftsmanship. The entire song reads as a retro, articulate, romantic screenplay. That is until the chorus breaks in and lifts the tone not only emotionally but musically as well.

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My personal favorite song, Better Than Love, is hard to crack the meaning of. I'm not even sure what exactly it is about, is it about being in love?, is it about being out of love?, is it about both? I don't know, really. Regardless, the vocals of Better Than Love are showered by a glittery cascade of synths and noticeable bass and drums.

Pretty much everything about Hurts is just stylish.
-The 80s influence.
-The neutral colors very prevalent in their clothing, videos, pictures, etc...
-The classic, formal style of the band members that is also prevalent in all their videos.
-The band's hairstyles.
Just everything is proper, sleek, stylish, etc...

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Hurts is just a generally fascinating band and their melancholy lyrics, 80s synths, well groomed looks, and general musicality are all great reasons to listen to them.
Give them a listen!

If you like....
-Silver Columns
-Tears For Fears
-Depeche Mode

Check out their songs...
-Better Than Love
-Wonderful Life
-Blood, Tears, and Gold

Better Than Love

Remix Of The Day
Ellie Goulding-Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)
Remember Ellie Goulding from April? Ellie Goulding's fantastic song, Starry Eyed is remixed into a cheery club-centric tune that blends some ear-pleasing piano-house, with some synths, and tops it all off with Ellie Goulding's marvelously unique voice. Excellent remix, I highly recommend you check it out. (I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy Ellie Goulding's album while I was in the U.K.)

So. Along with the, now already famous and to some, infamous, video for Lady GaGa's Alejandro, Kylie Minogue released the video for her newest single, All The Lovers from her upcoming album, Aphrodite, in this past week.
Because of disabled embedding requests on all the youtube videos and online video sites I've searched for, I can't give you the actual video.
The video, is, actually, remarkably sweet and heartfelt. It depicts a huge dog-pile of people romantically intertwined. It is hard to describe this video without it sounding like a gross, orgiastic, gropefest. It is everything EXCEPT those adjectives. Like I mentioned before it is remarkably sweet and heartfelt. The song itself is another piece of cool, dance-floor ready Kylie gold.
Check the song out here.

I'd like to talk for a short moment about Kelis.

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Y'know, Kelis.
Does "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they-" ring a bell?
I mention Kelis briefly a while ago when she released the video for her newest single, Acapella.
Since then I've bought the actual song Acapella and have been listening to it non-stop. It is seriously becoming a problem I think.
Kelis has completely transformed into a sharp dancefloor queen and has found her element in electronic/dance music.I am really liking this change in her musical style and I am now REALLY excited for her new album.


I saw the cinematic experience that is Avatar for the first time yesterday.

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I'm not going to lie, I wasn't all that impressed.
Sure, it is a pretty movie to look at but i don't feel like that really makes up for the diluted acting and generic plot.
It was alright for the most part, just not super amazing.

Okay, lastly.

My friend Marina recommended that I started watching the hit BBC teen drama Skins. So I watched a couple episodes last night on netflix.

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Oh damn.
I'm hooked.
I've known about Skins for a long time because of several bands I've liked have been featured on the show. Something about how tragic some of the characters are and some of the unrealistic teen drama pertaining to sex, drugs, parties, peer pressuer, whatever is just mindlessly entertaining.
I'll see if I keep watching. Maybe it'll keep me satiated until the second season of Beautiful People comes to the U.S this summer. (Which I am dying of impatience of.)

I think that is all.
Until next time.

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