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Music To Discover: 46


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Teenagersintokyo is a 5-piece band that was originally from Sydney, Australia but then relocated to London, England. Last year, Teenagersintokyo released their debut, eponymous, debut e.p. on Back Yard records. (The Label who discovered bands like Chromeo and Gossip.) The e.p. won some critical acclaim and led to sell out of the e.p. in the U.K. and Australia. They relocated to the U.K and worked with Bat For Lashes producer David Kosten to release their debut album, Sacrifice, in May of this year. The band has performed sold-out concerts with the likes of !!!, CSS, Gossip, The Slits, and Midnight Juggernauts, etc... Accompanying these bands have earned Teenagersintokyo a rather ominous reputation as a dark-indie-pop band. The band currently has tour dates set until September in Europe.
(information from http://www.last.fm/music/teenagersintokyo)

Teenagersintokyo was kind of a spontaneous find for, I was just looking through the depths of last.fm and there they were.

Teenagersintokyo is definitely dark. Dark in a couple of ways: first of all, the band has a very punk-esthetic and harsh lyrics and definitive, powerful vocals, second of all, the band has a very dark and brooding personality about their music, third of all, the band's videos are all very macabre and ominous.

(image from http://london.diarystar.co.uk/images/teenagers-in-tokyo12.jpg)

With all of that in mind, Teenagersintokyo express this kind of dark, lurk-y outfit in an interesting blend of punk, synths, and indie-pop. Although electronic influences are noticeable and can be heard in several of their songs they aren't the most prevalent trait of Teenagersintokyo's influence.

Personally, the most notable facet of Teenagersintokyo's musical style is the vocals of lead singer, Samantha Lim. Samantha Lim seems to take note from her punk-rock predecessors and has quite the unique and in your face set of pipes. Samantha's vocals range between ominous, angry, sharp and light, more pop-like, sweet. It is in songs like End It Tonight were Samantha Lim's vocals really shine. Angsty, angry, and jagged, her voice compliments the songs seemingly shaken lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, and sprinkling of synths.

(image from http://static.nme.com/images/blog/teenagersintokyo.jpg)

Lyrically, Teenagersintokyo are really quite dark. End It Tonight is super tragic and practically depressed in the songs resolution. Artistically though, Teenagersintokyo are clever story tellers, using sometimes complicated imagery and painting sometimes unappealing backgrounds. The lyrics are fitting to the band's name though, their lyrics seem to have content comparable to extreme teenage tragedy and troubles, even right down to the teen-phenomena of vampires (with their song Very Vampyr).

Teenagersintokyo are a great catchy, angsty, punk-tronica-indie-pop band. Definitely worth listening to if you are in the mood for some pop music with some definite edge.

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Check out their songs.
-End It Tonight
-Peter Pan
-Very Vampyr
-Long Walk Home

End It Tonight

Remix Of The Day
Foals- Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix)
If you read my Foals post from a short-while back, or if you are familiar with Foals, you know that Foals are masters at creating fascinating, mathematical soundscapes and ambient music. Well, this remix is no exception. Deadboy, a rather highly esteemed 2-step dj (dj duo? let me know), has wonderfully preserved the ambience and environment Foals create in their original work. Deadboy has topped the delicate whisper of the vocals with syncopated clicks, clacks, synths, and drum beats at specific time intervals, matching the mathematic precision of Foals' math-rock style.

Arcade Fire is making a comeback with a new album due out in August.

(image from http://www.weallwantsomeone.org/2010/06/14/new-arcade-fire-we-used-to-wait/)

You can hear a couple of the tracks from the upcoming release at...
I am REALLY liking their new song Ready To Start (the one from hype machine), and I am really excited for their new album.

Robyn's new album Body Talk, Part 1 was just released today.

(image from http://popboi.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/robyn.jpg)

The Swedish, icy, dance/electro-queen's long awaited album has received all kinds of popularity.
This album, at least what I've heard from the album, is pretty excellent. Robyn's unique style is as prevalent as ever. Songs like Dancing on My Own are horribly, tragically, heart-broken-ly, catchy. While other songs like None Of Dem have such grime-y, ridiculously awesome beats.

Dancing On My Own

ADD SUV (Armand Van Helden remix, radio cut)

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