Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music To Discover: 47

Javiera Mena

(image from http://www.last.fm/music/Javiera+Mena/+images/3031490)

Javiera Mena is a singer song-writer from Santiago Chile. Borrowing elements from folk music, pop, and electronic styles, she began to rise to fame amongst the chilean indie scene. She first broke into the Chilean indie-rock scene in 2001, first playing festivals and at universities. Between 2002 and 2005, Javiera has moved from playing guitar, to playing keyboards. Mena also studied musical arrangement and composition for four years at the Projazz School Of Music in Santiago. In 2005 a couple of Mena's songs were included in the composition album Panorama Neutral: Musica Independiente Desde Chile and the soundtrack for the film Se Arrienda. Javiera released her first album, Esquemas Juveniles, was released in 2005, she toured the album throughout South America and Europe. Her second album, Mena, is due for release in July of 2010.
( information from http://www.last.fm/music/Javiera+Mena and http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Javiera_Mena)

Javiera Mena was one of those last.fm discoveries. And by "last.fm discovery", I mean I was looking through artists similar to artists I already like. Another thing. Don't take my interpretation of Javiera Mena's lyrics too literally. I can understand Spanish to a degree, and well enough, but I am not fluent nor am I 100% of what is being said.
That said, I will continue to talk about Javiera Mena.

(image from http://www.last.fm/music/Javiera+Mena/+images/8011337)

Personally, I've had a horrible time trying to find indie musicians that I like in Spanish. More specifically South American indie musicians. I mostly blame this on the fact that American music is probably the most prominent on the World Scene and not every country is on the same super-mercurial and superfluous level America is. I'm not bashing any country at all, I'm just saying.

This is why Javiera Mena came as a surprise. I've never heard anything out of the Chilean indie-tronic scene and if more of it sounds like this, I will gladly delve further into the country's indie-tronic scene. Javiera Mena has a very retro and refined style about her music. Synths lightly, yet thoroughly dusted across a droning bass line and Mena's relaxed voice in songs like Al Siguiente Nivel. This heavily electronic style is a complete take off from some of Mena's other songs like Esquemas Juveniles which is more of a singer-songwriter track with piano, guitar, and Javiera's light, delicate voice and songs like Esta En Tus Manos, which is a piano-laden, sad, song with Javiera Mena providing tragically disappointed vocals.

(image from http://www.last.fm/music/Javiera+Mena/+images/43728959)

It is funny that I mentioned the mercurial and superfluous musical taste of America as a whole. Because it is those kinds of thoughts that Javiera Mena puts into her lyrics. The song Al Siguiente Nivel seems to echo a similar sentiment to what I said. Moving on. Javiera Mena's lyrics seem impeccably pensive and well thought out. Something I always appreciate in an artist.

All in all. Javiera Mena is the best (and frankly, only) Chilean musician I have heard. She is definitely worth a listen.

If you like...
-Francisca Valenzuela
-Entre Rios

Check out her songs...
-Al Siguiente Nivel
-Equemas Juveniles
-Sol De Invierno
-Esta En Tus Manos

Al Siguiente Nivel

Remix Of The Day
Saint Motel- Dear Dictator (Sam Sparro Remix)

Sam Sparro is no doubt one of my favorite artists. And, not so surprsingly, he can create excellent remixes. This is just one shiny, bioluminescent, Prince-y, piece of disco vintage. I'm unfamiliar with Saint Motel's music but the lyrics and vocals are matched spectacularly well to the shimmering melodies and sharp, angular beats of Sam Sparro's musical efforts. This remix is superb and available for download at rcrdlbl.com.

M.I.A. Has released another single from her up and coming /\/\ /\ Y /\ album.
The new single, Steppin' Up, is, I'm not going to lie. Kind of beastly. What is this song about?
I'm not totally sure yet. But the creative incorporation of industrial sounds and music into M.I.A.'s traditional style works fantastically well. The beats in this song are killer and M.I.A.'s rapping is deliciously innovative.
Her third album looks to be much bettter than I had anticipated, what with her two newest singles, XXXO and Steppin' Up.

Crystal Fighters released their newest single as well.
In The Summer is a bit more alterna-rock than their older work and I won't lie, it isn't my favorite song from them.
It is still pretty alright and available for free download on their website.

I'm beginning to question how Bravo is coming up with their new show ideas.

(image from http://alt.coxnewsweb.com/cnishared/tools/shared/mediahub/01/07/52/slideshow_1520716_NUP_136756_1035a.jpg)

The Next Great Artist?
I can understand why this kind of thing would be interesting but, honestly, I'm not sure how interesting watching paint dry can be, literally. Oh well. I'll probably end up watching it anyway.

I've also been having weird cravings today.
Candied violets/candied flower petals in general.

(image from http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_WFURWRqFQkU/SdgxQShYvfI/AAAAAAAAA5o/cXKTizPutFc/s320/crystallized-violets.jpg)

I tried to make them. Let me just say. Making candy without a candy thermometer is ridiculously hard.

And now I want Tom Kha Gai.

(image from http://farm1.static.flickr.com/224/523602388_194eafccc8.jpg)

Y'know, the delicious Thai, spicy, coconut soup. I'm planning on making some of that later.
(it is actually boiling away now.)

Well. That is all.

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