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Music To Discover: 48


(image from http://media.photobucket.com/image/thecocknbullkid/The405_photo/Thecocknbullkid.jpg)

(Formerly known as 'thecocknbullkid'). Anita Blay (Cocknbullkid) was born in Hackney, East London, to Ghanian parents. In 2009, she began to develop herself as a unique pop-force unlike any other. Cocknbullkid has developed a notoriously, acclaimed darker,more realistic point of view on pop-music. Anita Blay incorporates the typical pop-jargon into her work but manages to inject the typical with edgier themes like: sex, death, wit, depravity. Anita made her debut this past year on Metronomy's 7" label. Since then Cocknbullkid has played every major festival in the U.K. and headlined the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury, has appeared on Later... With Jools Holland, and has supported Santogold, Late Of The Pier, Metronomy, and CSS on various tours. Anita Blay is released her debut ep in North America this fall and is planning a debut album later this year or early 2011.
(information from http://www.last.fm/music/thecocknbullkid/+wiki)

Cocknbullkid is an artist that is reportedly similar to about 60% of all the artists I've posted about here on Chromatist, according to last.fm. I can vouch for some of that, but not all. Regardless.
Cocknbullkid has been in my periphery for a while now, I finally broke and decided to write about her.

Cocknbullkid isn't really electro.
That may come as a sigh of relief to some of you readers, or it could be off-putting. Anyway. The jist of it is, Cocknbullkid is only as electro as pop is. So. SOMETIMES, her music is a bit more electronic but it isn't bound to synths or bleeps and bloops.

(image from http://www.comfortcomes.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/thecocknbullkid1.jpg)

More specifically, Anita Blay has developed a kind of pop-sound that isn't like a lot of the other pop coming out of the U.K within the past year or so. It is true, in a few songs, Blay's voice matches some of the shrillness of her contemporaries but that shrillness isn't the defining factor of Cocknbullkid's music. Blay's voice is sometimes more light and high (rather than a shrill/piercing) and sometimes a bit lower, brooding, and more spoken than sung. This is a kind of combination of opposites that is difficult to explain. I mean, Cocknbullkid's music just margins a bit on the paradoxical, in the best way possible of course.

Moving on. I am also quite fond of Anita Blay's personal style outside her music. She has a classic, yet modern style, chock full of simple, classic patterns. Once again though, she plays with (whether deliberately or not) juxtaposed styles, matching her classic, crisp style with buzzed hairdo complimented by a coiff to the side.

(image from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_WAcuRfl0M8g/SpMOBK8fs3I/AAAAAAAAH0Y/EOb2XuiLRuA/thecocknbullkid.jpg)

Lyrically, Cocknbullkid is quite the force to be reckoned with, laced with delectable, sharp as needles wit. In her brand new, self titled track, she begins with an Alice In Wonderland allusion and then proceeds with the lines:
"Her words are made of glitter,
she's a bullshitter"
It is in these almost comical lyrics that I can tie a thin string of similarity between Cocknbullkid and Lily Allen. Cocknbullkid perfects the art of making bitter,dry wit sound fun and joyful. This sort of angry, sugar coated sarcasm is one of my favorite things and definitely makes me like Cocknbullkid that much more.

Cocknbullkid really is a style all her own she is both high and low (musically, emotionally, stylistically, you name it) but always a marvelous trip into uninhabited dry, comical, wise, and comical territory.
Check her out!

If you like...
-VV Brown
-Boy Crisis
-Ebony Bones
then check out Cocknbullkid!

Check out her songs...
-I'm Not Sorry
-Clean Apart
-Boys & Girls

I'm Not Sorry

Remix Of The Day

Sunday Girl- Four Floors (Diplo Remix)

I still don't really know about this Sunday Girl but her remixes are proving to be pretty promising. This mix is pretty dub-y, not dubstep, just dub. Y'know. It's a bit of a chill, calm floor-filler. With synths bouncing between reflecting surfaces above a grinding broken blender. Sound weird yet? Well, throw in Sunday Girl's relaxed, light vocals and you've really got something. You just have to hear it to believe it. Marvelous.

Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Doorly remix)
Doorly, as far as I've heard is a pretty well known dubstep dj and remix artist. This track, is kinda dubstep, but not really. It is because there is a certain emphasis on the super deep drum and bass. It isn't because there isn't a big old grimey bass drop and there is a lack of chaoticism. Regardless, this remix is pretty immense and relaxing at the same time. Marina's voice sounds innocent and likeable as ever. Definitely worth checking out.

In more Marina & The Diamonds news.
The video for her most recent single, Oh No!

It's beautiful. Marina looks gorgeous, it's Lichtenstein-y, it's funny, it's fashionable, I like the choreography.
It is pretty much just great. Marina has also joined the list (of now a mere 3 people) of people who actually look really good in House Of Holland's Fall 2009 collection

Also. This cover she does of 3oh!3's Startrukk is amazing.
In like an awesome/hilarious way.

Also, I can't believe I've bypassed talking about Kele Okereke's debut album.

(image from http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/44602801/Kele.png)

Kele's album is a spectacular take off from his previous Bloc Party work. It is dancey, it is unique, it is a little generic yeah. Nonetheless, it is a great debut for a solo project and proves that Kele has a home in both the alterna-art-rock scene and the alterna-dance scene.

Hurts dropped the title for their debut album.
The album will be called "Happiness".
Ironic right?

Dragonette's single Pick Up The Phone is iTunes free single of the week.


I die.
(By the way, you can get the song, Fire With Fire, for free on iTunes from Scissor Sisters' brand new album!)

Real quick.
Should Chromatist get a tumblr account?
I proposed this question already, but I've only got one response.
Let me know!


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