Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Music To Discover: 52

I'm going to mix it up again today.
This isn't a total take off from anything I've ever posted but it is definitely different.

(image from http://www.last.fm/music/R+O+M+A+N+C+E/+images/33324971)

R O M A N C E is a band that is based in London, England. Steeped in, what has become called, "gloom-pop". R O M A N C E are even concerned the pioneers of the self-explanatory genre epitomized by jangly guitars, soulful vocals, and heavy drums and bass. The band formed in November of 2008 and shortly there after, the group went on a full U.K. tour. They released their first ep 'Another Place/the Art Of Losing' in November of 2009 and have released a mini-album in Japan dubbed 'Arikara'. Quickly becoming known for their energetic, crazed live performances, the band (made up of Samantha Valentine, Alexander Glover, David Woods, and Jamie Lovatt) has also been dubbed "seriously addictive" and a must-see before they become massive.
(information from http://www.facebook.com/pages/R-O-M-A-N-C-E/39764134401?v)

R O M A N C E is a very recent discovery for me ( a "lurking through last.fm"-discovery as well.)
And upon first listen you can see how very similar and how very different the band is to many other bands I've posted.

But, I'll get right to it.

R O M A N C E is a great definition of garage-rock. There is just a certain malignant energy about R O M A N C E that makes them horribly addictive. Strangely, though gladly welcomed, there is a very glamorous feel about the band that you just cannot deny. In all actuality, the band reminds me quite a bit of the movie The Hunger: the indie feel, the sexual reality, the glamour disguising the horror and intensity. It's really everything I could ask of from a rock band.
(image from http://www.last.fm/music/R+O+M+A+N+C+E/+images/40718019)

Vocally speaking, the lead singer of R O M A N C E is superbly immense. The vocalist has a very strong voice and a voice very well suited for this ominous genre, gloom-pop. The vocals extend past good old rock-alternative-gloom pop styles. The lead singer has the talent of combining dark lyrics with excited vocals, melancholia with energy, and combining male and female. In the off-chance you didn't understand that last bit, the lead singer is male, yes, but he has a very androgynous voice and style. His vocals are often indeterminably male or female regardless, the vocals are full of soul and in your face-ly dimensional.

The lyrics to many of R O M A N C E's songs are of a darker, more goth-y persuasion. That's all I can really say as it is awfully difficult to find the lyrics to R O M A N C E's songs as if you google "R O M A N C E lyrics" you get Lady GaGa or My Chemical Romance. But anyway. Yes, the lyrics are dark, periodically-depressed, and well articulated and creative.
(image from http://www.last.fm/music/R+O+M+A+N+C+E/+images/40830143)

R O M A N C E is not only characterized by the androgynous vocals and dark lyrics, but also by the loud, sharp, and geometric guitars that intensely enhance the entire energetic feel. The guitars sometimes completely distort the soundscape, in a good way of course. The drums are relentless and creatively syncopated. Not only that, they also compliment the soul of the vocals by adding deliciously punchy rhythm. Lastly, the bass. The basslines in many of the songs by R O M A N C E are catchy, brooding, and creeping, they really are the proverbial gothic frosting on the cake of gloom-pop.

If you're looking for some unconventional alterna-rock then you absolutely need to check R O M A N C E out.
They'll satisfy all your goth-rock, gloom-pop, garage-glam needs.

If you like
-Micron 63
-White Rose Movement
-The Horrors

Check out their songs...
-River Runs Red
-The Art Of Losing
-Picture Frame
-Another Place
-The Wire

River Runs Red

Remixes Of The Day
In honor of the fact that I'm seeing Lady GaGa in concert in 6 days, I'd like to post a couple brilliant mash-ups i've heard.

Lady GaGa-Bad Romance/Kylie Minogue-Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Lady GaGa-Alejandro/Madonna-Hung Up (done by The Djs From Mars)

Three of my favorite pop acts, ever.
'nuff said.

Major Lazer- Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
I posted about Buraka Som Sistema a VERY long time ago. Since then, they've not only maintained their intense, danceable, kuduro style, they've evolved it. Dancehall-monster/project, Major Lazer, combined with the kuduro blips, bloops, and barrage-like beats. The melodies created in this mix are beyond explanation you just need to hear it to believe it.

80Kidz- Disdrive (Lapin Remix)
80Kidz's Disdrive is a difficult track to describe. It's grind-y electro and is the sort of electronic music that is both melodic, simplified, and yet, part of it is sent to some kind of atari-purgatory. Disdrive is a good song on it's own but it isn't very danceable nor is it very beat driven. This remix turned Disdrive into a trip an echoed, grind-electro, warehouse rave. Except this time, the song is accented by a broken ricocheted beat. Fantastic.

Kele- Everything You Wanted (RAC Remix)
Everything You Wanted is by far one of my favorites from Kele's debut, The Boxer.
It was melancholy, heart-broken, uniquely beautiful.
RAC completely turned the mood of the song on it's head. This remix is bright, peppy, and definitively emotionally different than the original. This remix feels like dance party atop a glass bottom boat, clear, beautiful, and yet still far away from land.

La Roux- Under My Thumb (Cover of The Rolling Stones)

I want La Roux Sidetracked because of this song. Just saying.

I've been soooo busy lately.
So my apologies for post delays and lack of other interesting things to say today.

But, i've got to go, my dog is barking at my chinchilla running around the room.
'til next time, loyal readers.

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