Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Skins has easily become one of my favorite shows, ever.
Not only because it is entertaining but also because it features a generally-awesome soundtrack.

Here is one of the golden nuggets from Skins.

Crystal Fighters-Xtatic Truth (Last Japan Remix)
This is actually from season 4, so I haven't seen it yet. (Stupid netflix and it not having the dvds...)
And in typical fashion, I already read the spoilers for a character I am unfamiliar with. Damn it...
This is my favorite song by Crystal Fighters and, in my opinion, their best work. There were a medley of remixes released with the Xtatic Truth single (via Kitsune), I really didn't care for any of them, including this one. That is, until later when some lurking around youtube returned me to the Last Japan remix. Tight drum beats are thrown into a can and shaken around while a deep bass synth and a reverberating higher synth join the party. "Forever" seems to repeat for what seems like forever and then spectacular, danceable, ravey bass drops and everything just comes together. I was sold at that bass-drop. Check it out.

M.I.A., as you know, is coming out with her new album, Maya, soon.
Thus far she's released four singles from the album.
1) Born Free (my least favorite)
2) The electro-pop-y XXXO
3) Industrialized Steppin' Up

and now, 4) Teqkilla.
I'll come back to Teqkilla in a second.
Right now though, I'd like to mention this XXXO Remix featuring Jay Z.

M.I.A.- XXXO (Remix) Ft. Jay-Z
It is pretty much the same song, just as catchy, and it still is a favorite of mine.
I really like Jay-Z's rap on this track though. At first, I thought it sounded diluted and out of place but after 3rd and 4th listen, I've grown to really like it. This song just got a little more immense.

(I couldn't find a youtube of the song. So I just used soundcloud instead.)
Teqkilla isn't my favorite but it isn't my least favorite either. In Teqkilla you get to see the super-experimental side to M.I.A. and she almost seems to return to her beginnings (like her album Arular). Returning to styles like the styles in her album in Arular isn't a bad trait at all (Arular was an amazing album). The only draw back for me is the lack of understandability of the lyrics. I'm going to assume that they're political ("Teqkilla", I mean. Come on.) Regardless, the song is interesting, nothing like I've heard before and pretty good so I'll just leave it at that.

Kanye's new song?
His raps are still slick.
He's still in your face.
I'm not going to lie, Kanye West is back.

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