Saturday, August 7, 2010


School starts in 9 days.

Damn and yay.
I mean, on some level I am glad to go back to school as I like to learn and I like seeing my friends.
Yet, on other levels I absolutely do not want to go back because then I will have to balance 3 ap classes, advanced dance, and dance as an extracurricular.
BUT CEST LA VIE I suppose.
Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.
I should start studying already, actually, and choreographing.

That can wait though, I think.

Speaking of dance.
These totally amazing ladies, whose crew is called ReQuest, won this years Hip Hop International competition.

They are so fierce, mean looking, amazing, detailed, together, just AUGH.
In short, they're one of my favorite dance crews now.

Also, Ke$ha's new video?
I have mixed feelings. It is kind of interesting visually with all the colors and what not. But it's Ke$ha and you all know how that goes... Y'know. I feel like I know all the words to the song after 2 listens. But whatever, ear crack is ear crack.

(p.s. sorry for the bad video quality).

Janelle Monae?
Love her. I really like her kinda retro-awesome style and her unique take on jazzy/old school type things. ANYWAY. The ep for her super stylin' song Tightrope (the video is crazy awesome, I love her dance moves) was released on the 20th of July.
I'm not going to lie, pretty much all the remixes on this ep are hot. Like, smokin'. Seriously.
This is one of my favorites.
Janelle Monae- Tightrope (Rapid 10 Remix)

Her second album The ArchAndroid is one of the best albums this year. Just sayin'.

Skream, dubstep's golden child, has his album coming out soon.
The only track I've completely heard is the song Finally, featuring La Roux.
La Roux's song Saviour provides the lyrics while Skream adds his dubstep-style, which kind of just sounds like, in parts, the soundtrack to a horror movie or survival horror video game. It's good but to me it shadows in comparison to Skream's remix of In For The Kill.
Skream-Finally (Featuring  La Roux)

That's all I've got for today.
I love you all!
Next post will be soon. :D

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