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School, interview, remix/x/x/xes.

(First off, I originally planned to post this blog on the 18th of August, but it got super postponed because blogger went down for a while, didn't save the finished blog, and then school got REALLY crazy. So many apologies...)

Well, you probably already know but, my current lack of posting material is due to the fact that school has once again started. This year is supposed to be the most difficult for everyone and yeah, it's a lot of work. So if you remember, or were around, when this time rolled around last year... You're familiar with the fact that sometimes I end up going on radio silence....

This is not because I want to, but rather the fact that I have to put my studies first, despite my love of blogging.

Hopefully though, I can just at least post every weekend and maybe, very infrequently, on wednesdays or days during the week. I just wanted all of my readers to know.

Anyway, other than school starting and being busy, busy.
I have some exciting news, finally.

If you recall, I've alluded to a "surprise" for the past week or so's posts...
It is finally here.

I contacted Sunday Girl and she agreed to do an interview with me. Holy freaking, cow.

(image from

So, I went into fan-boy comatose, then came back to forward my questions to her.
Keep reading to see my questions answered by the most recent rising star in the U.K.'s electro pop scene.

Chromatist: How has life been?
Sunday Girl: I've been very busy and working hard but it's my dream and when I think of it like that how can I complain!

C: So, Jade, you got your name, Sunday Girl, from working in a pet shop correct? Was working with animals a potential career for you?
SG: At school I wanted to be a vet as I've always loved animals and biology. I've lost count of the number of injured birds, mice and little creatures i've had in cardboard boxes stashed in my room while looking after them. Art and music I always saw as more of a career as I got older but I would love to have a Victorian looking pet shop in London one day

C: What are some of your greatest lyrical influences? What do you like to write about?
SG: Lyrics that make my heart go “funny” is what I admire, The Mystery jets lyrics do that to me. I think Mr Hudson is a genius too. I always write on the train or in the bath, inconvenient places work best! I like to link my art work and lyrics so if I draw say a “magpie” ill put it in a song. 

C:Has music always been your go-to career?
SG: I wanted to be an artist or musician, I’m useless at anything else. I always loved singing but was terrified to sing in front of people until my mum took me to a hypnotist to cure my fear, Yes it's mad but it worked! I have always felt I had to do something with music and I had this huge guilt that I wasn’t using my voice. It wasn’t that I thought I was any good but more curiosity of the unknown and forever feeling “what if”. It wasn’t the easiest career choice, I mean Im shy, was terrified of  singing in front of people and at being on stage but I'm at my most happiest when im growing and iv done a lot of that recently.  I think it's great to become more than what you think your personality will allow. 

C: Who are some of your favorite musical contemporaries?
SG: Gold frapp, Kelis, Mystery jets, The xx, lily allen, Mr Hudson, Lykke li, Friendly fires,

C: You've been compared to other young women hot on the scene right now, like Ellie Goulding, how do you feel about this?
SG: Im going on tour with Ellie in November and I cant wait. It's nice to be compared to successful people and artists always get compared it easier for people describe a sound.

C: What was it like to work with Diplo?
SG: Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him but he did such a good job with the remix of Four Floors

C: I really love your Coco Chanel inspired style, do you have any other style icons or influences?
SG: Karl Largerfeld, Daphnie guiness, Edie sedwich, Parisian, 60s, boys, prefects

C: Do you have any favorite places that you've traveled to (whether by tour or not)? Does travel influence your music?
SG: I go to Hastings most weekends. I used to go a lot as a child so it holds a lot of fun memories. Rye and Camber sands are so beautiful. My dad has a caravan down there so I go for the fishing, walking, swimming, antique shops and being free.

C: Do you read any fashion or music blogs regularly?
SG: Well I have my own fashion/art/music/my life blog . It's full of all my art and things that catch my eyes and ears. I take inspiration from other peoples blogs too so I like looking out for cool stuff. 

C: Can we expect an album drop or tour in the U.S. in the future?
SG: Yes please!!!

Thank you so, so, so much to Sunday Girl
 for taking the time to answer my questions. It was really an amazing honor.
If you'd like to read my original post on Sunday Girl and listen to some of her music, go here

Remix Of The Day
Katy Perry- California Gurls (MSTRKRFT Remix)
I'll be honest, I'm not really a fan of Katy Perry. 
Don't get me wrong, I think her music is catchy as hell, earcrack, really. 
But I don't see much more that just that catchiness in her. She doesn't really scream "artistic prowess" or "creativity" to me.
Regardless, this remix breathes some interesting new life into her inescapable summer anthem, California Gurls. MSTRKRFT turns the radio hit into a song akin to a beachside dance party with descending synths, syncopated beats, and sparkly MSTRKRFT-y-ness.

XX- Stars (LAZRtag remix)
So, it's apparent that I REALLY love the XX. They're just so amazing. Stars is such a delicate, sweet, beautiful song. Not my favorite from the album but it's still fabulous, nonetheless. LAZRtag really turned this ballad into a club-centric thumping jam. It seems that the reverberating synths were shot through a mirrored, mosaic, piece of pvc pipe joyfully bouncing from reflective surface to reflective surface.

Crystal Castles- Vietnam (LightsoverLA remix)

Crystal Castles' second album was a far more mature take off than their roots. But Crystal Castles II maintained the chaotic crush everyone either loved or loved to hate. Nonetheless. SOMEHOW, this remix kind of makes Vietnam more chaotic than the original. A lot more danceable mind you but now it's more like a crazed dance party that you can only hear through one ear. Sounds like something I'd hear in Skins.

I have a mountain of homework I have to go scale.
I will try my best to have a post this wednesday.
Much love!

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