Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let me re-iterate.

Hey all.

Just a quick reminder, don't forget about BestNonFest.
It closes on October 1, which is tomorrow for most of you all in the U.K.

BestNonFest is basically the only way to experience the festival circuit during the Winter, which is pretty much done, as evidenced by the coming and closing of Bestival.

So remember!
If you want to experience all the fun and entertainment of a music festival, without all the pains of going to an actual festival.
Go to">BestNonFest's Facebook Page to find out how to become eligible for such an experience.

Here's this snazzy infographic surmising the end of the Festival circuit, provided by BestNonFest.

I'll be sure to become more prolific on the blog here again soon guys, thanks for your patience.

Much love.

p.s. I maintain the Chromatist Official Facebook Page more often, as of late. So if you want to be kept up to date, head over there and become a fan!

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